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Every one of the green leaved trees looked the same as we ran past them. The light path upon which we ran just barely noticable as different to the rest of the grass. I looked to my left, to be sure that my Blonde partner had not fallen behind. I was able to make out his hair and his smile. He was always smiling.

Eventually, we reached a fork in the path, and we stopped only long enough to decide which path to take.

"You take… the left path… and I'll… take the right. Hopefully, at least… one of us will escape." Seth said, between deep breaths from running so hard.

I nodded. I knew it was bad to stay together even as long as we had already done, so why push our luck? I took off running again. I ran and ran for what felt like hours. Eventually, I had to stop and lean on a tree to catch my breath. What harm could it do? After all, we don't even know if they've noticed it was missing yet or not. Even if they did, we had a head start, so surely I could rest for a moment, right? I was so busy trying to catch my breath that I failed to notice the men with black uniforms surround me. I looked up only long enough to see one of the man about to punch me. My head smashed against the tree and I was out cold.

When I came to, I tried looking around. It was too dark to see anything, so doing so did little to enlighten me. Then I remembered what had happened, I'd been captured by Team Rocket. Keeping me alive surely meant that they hadn't caught Seth and took his half of the machine, so they were going to keep me alive until I told them.

I had to be sure, so I spoke aloud. "Seth? Are you in here?"

No response. I was totally alone in this small, dark, musty room.

If only I had listened to The Rules. Number One: Remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Number Two: Stay alone. Number Six: Never infiltrate a location without direct orders. The one time I disobey them, I end up captured. Rookies get captured, not Senior Officers. But I hadn't seen him in so long…

If they didn't catch him, that must mean he escaped. Hopefully half of the machine would be enough for our purposes. Of course, they'll ask me where our head quarters are, they'll want it back. But, I'd be better off dead if I violated the Unwritten Rule to never put myself above the cause.

There was a slight clanking sound to my right. At least I think it was to my right, darkness can be very disorienting. Then, a door swung open and the room was flooded with light. However, after being in darkness for so long, I still couldn't see. I could tell a figure was standing in the doorway, but everything was blurry. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I relized that it was Seth! He'd come to rescue me! I started to get up to approach him but as I did, I felt the back of his hand slap across my face and I fell backwards. I looked at him with surprise and confusion.

"Did I say you could escape? No, we can't have that, can we? After all the trouble we went to capture you, did you actually think you could leave that easily?" He spat at me with disgust, something I've never heard from him.

I was disheartened. Seth, my best friend was my enemy now. He wove an elaborate web, and I jumped right onto it. It was his fault I had been captured. It was all his fault.

Seth, appearing bored with my lack of response, turned away to leave. As he did, he called back, "Let's do this again, bro."

"Let's." I shot back.

He stopped for a second, and then continued on, shutting the door and once again ensnaring me in darkness.

Authors Note: No, there will not be more, if you're wondering.


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Damnit thats awesome. I think it's pretty good.

Sands Buisle

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I don't see how this story is a pokemon one, sure, Team Rocket is there, but that is a pathetic excuse.

Please check out my Fan Fics (They're in this forum).

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… errazib nialp tsuj era serutangis emos ,wonk ouy.

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I appreciate the positive-ness, but I'll really rather have some constructive criticism.

Well, it takes place in the Pokemon World. Pokemon do exist, even if they aren't directly relevant to the plot.

What would you call it other than fanfiction?

Also, you didn't say anything about your opinion on the work itself, so you're post was completely useless to me…

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