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So here it is, that Spirit spin-off one-shot. Nothing spectacular; it's just a brief account of baby Spirit's testing, plus a little bit of seven-year-old May and her father.

I've also finished tagging all my relevant posts in the Quest for the Legends forum as well as some of the Quest Blog forum. I'm thinking about organizing the tags somehow, maybe splitting them into character tags, other fic-related tags and unrelated tags or something like that, to make the searching easier to do.

Finally, you may or may not have noticed, but I randomly decided that in addition to how far into the next chapter I am, I'm going to have a quote from what I've written so far in my signature. With this, I also decided that it's about time I allowed blog browsers to see that stuff without finding my posts at the forums, so my signature is now displayed on Quest Blog posts.

EDIT: On second thought, I put the signature on the main blog page at the top instead. Seemed kind of redundant to have the same signature showing below every post on the page.


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I really like the spin off! I liked both May and Vulpix in the last scene.

The tags are really helpful, now I can get to asking all those questions I had! Well, that is, if I ever remember what I was going to ask in the first place… heh.

I did notice the teaser earlier today. It makes me want to read the chapter all the more! =D

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I get the E-Mail, and I think, sweet, new chapter.

This is good, though.


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…now I want to know the story behind May's father's Pokémon that died. D:

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I agree with elyvorg. Do we even get to find out what kind of Pokémon it was?

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It was his starter, a Meganium. You could go to Ask the Characters for this sort of thing, you know. :P


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