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When the earth was still young, nothing but another empty rock in space, vast,windless, and lifeless. But, a star collided with this rock, and in it was water and oxygen. There was only a little, but is was enough to start life, soon giving the earth it's bright green and blue. The pokemon soon came from the life the star gave, and the ones that grew closest to the star were more powerful (soon to be called legendary pokemon) and soon realized the star had huge power in it. A war soon came, but it was short lived before the creatures wanted peace. Th legendaries divided the star, which seemed to be living, but they did not, nor could not know, that it was a part of a greater being………..

Okay, let me sort things out. first THE HIGHER BEING IS NOT ARCEUS. Also this is my first prolouge and my first fanfic, so please dont be too harsh.

Sands Buisle

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That's a good begining! Can't wait to find out more!

Please check out my Fan Fics (They're in this forum).

I'm not always rational, but I think people think I am.

… errazib nialp tsuj era serutangis emos ,wonk ouy.

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Man, I wrote Fics of three different Pokemon story types! What's next?! A wild Pokemon fic?! Hmmmmm…


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This looks cool waiting for more.


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The first sentence does not make sense, but great prologue overall.

Thas right. C;


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can we become our own trainers in this fourn to go wit da story?

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