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Sorry for the downtime. To make up for it, you get two new Scyther spin-off bios, Nightmare's and Stalker's. Of course, Nightmare's is half about Razor and Stalker's is half about Shadowdart, but shush.

Yes, I know I'm not doing it in the correct order, too. I've just been itching to write Stalker's bio for a while.



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First! …Sorry, I always wanted to do that. Anyway, I don't care if its out of order, I find Stalker to be one of my favorite characters from the Scyther spin-offs. Nightmare is up there too.

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Y'arr, people beating me. D:

I was looking forward to Stalker's, as she didn't have nearly a big enough part in the story for us to know much about her. :P

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I, in particular, enjoyed Nightmare's bio, for it provided with so much information that I would have never thought about her as a character.

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