What style do you use?

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Now that there are enough for this thread to be worthwhile…

I still use Chalenor, but Volcaryu is my favorite of the new ones.


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Chalenor, and Thunderyu. But I agree, Volcaryu is pretty badass.

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I keep switching between them. I was using Polaryu, but then Firefox messed up the cookie like it tends to do and it switched me back to Thunderyu so I started using that, and then when I saw this thread I randomly switched to Volcaryu. Polaryu is still my favorite, though.



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Still Chalenor.

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I still use Chaletwo. I must be weird like that. My favorite of the new ones is Polaryu. =)

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Sands Buisle

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Before that I used Chaletwo.

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Chalenor on my psp, Volcaryu on my pc. Probably the dark colours.

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chalenor. still. I'm just too used to black-on-white text.


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^The old ones are for the hardcore people anyway.


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Chalenor and Polaryu are what I use.

Xeiashi Zakaris

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I still use Chaletwo. I tried the new ones, but the story just seems…off when it's not in black-on-white(ish)

As for the forums and such, I still don't have a favorite

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I prefer Volcaryu and Polaryu.

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ShinyRedEon =D

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I like Thunderyu the best but right now im using Polaryu.

Edit: is there any way to use the old styles?

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Blue Shine

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I use Volcaryu. I like dark colors on my computer

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I use Polaryu. The color are less straining on my eyes.

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Scytherian Poetry

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Really? I think it's a bit more straining. Black on blue on lighter blue hurts me. Thunderyu and chalenor have the most pleasing colour pallettes IMO.

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Chalenor and Chaletwo styles? Only the dragons appear to me. I'm using Polaryu because it's the newest from the Color Dragons. Tell me how to use the Chaletwo style please.
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I wasn't aware there were any styles beyond the dragons, there could've been more at one point… but still.

Thunderyu style, because I don't really feel like changing them. :P

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