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Hi, guys! This is the first entry of the Quest Blog, the official blog about everything relating to The Quest for the Legends. Here I will ramble, whine, ask for opinions, post previews, and report on my progress with the latest installments.

It is a little inconsistent with the general look of the chapter comments because it runs on a completely different script (more specifically, the Cave of Speculative Theories script that I wrote) and I couldn't be bothered to make everything visually consistent. I may one day put the chapter comments into this script too, actually…

So anyway… chapter 37 of the ILCOE is still underway. I've been worried lately that after chapter 37 would be the first point in years where I actually don't know what's going to happen next in the fic, but the other day I randomly decided to make a brief chapter plan in the vein of the one I had created before for chapters 32-37 (I had realized in amusement that I hadn't even followed that particular chapter plan, and randomly wanted to make a new one now that that one was becoming out of date). I ended up with a rough draft of the basic events of chapters 37-53 which implemented an idea I'd had for chapter 39 (the actual Volcaryu battle is in chapter 38 rather than the originally planned 37, so this was basically the dreaded chapter I didn't know what to do for). Curiously, that one idea for chapter 39 dissolved my entire problem, as this managed to link chapter 38 sensibly with the next major events already planned. In fact, I was amazed to discover that every scene I've planned, save the actual end, now fits seamlessly into one of these chapters up to 53.

Of course, there is a lot of stuff that has yet to happen by that point in the story, and thus I will have to retract my old estimate that the entire fic may end up at something like sixty chapters. It will be seventy at the very least.

So what was that great idea for chapter 39? Basically, to do something that desperately needed to be done: recount just what the kids actually know about the War of the Legends and what they don't. The original reason I decided I needed to do this was that I had been slowly realizing how vague everybody's knowledge about the War was, "everybody" referring to both the characters and the readers. Originally, that was more or less because I was dissatisfied enough with what I had to consider it subject to change, but now that I've (finally) nailed it all down and am certain where I want to go with this, I can freely focus on developing that plot, and thus keep readers a little more interested. Basically it will be a campfire-conversation chapter in the same vein as chapter 27 in which Chaletwo gets to answer some questions and tell some enlightening stories. Fwee. I love Chaletwo.

I think every time I report a new chapter having been put up here, I'm going to post what I had written into my chapter outline for that chapter, just for the hell of it. In some sort of spoiler tag, of course, so you don't accidentally get spoiled on what happens in the chapter. I think it would be fun, if just because some of the outlines are pretty amusing.

As for the IALCOTN… well, I have been thinking of some delightful explanations and motives that weren't there before. A couple more steps towards this fic making some sense! :D

Uh, I think you'd all like to know some progress on the story, right?

ILCOE chapter 37: On the fifth page. It is progressing pretty slowly, but I will hopefully get into the right mood to go on a writing spree soon.

Preview, just because I feel like it!

In the left side of Mark’s field of vision, he had spotted an all-too-familiar blue-haired girl sitting on the back of her Skarmory as it ascended above the edge of the crater, shortly followed by Alan riding Charlie in Charizard form.

Carl looked in that direction too upon realizing where Mark was staring. May and Alan spotted them, landed on the wooden floor of Crater Town, recalled their Pokémon, and hurried towards Mark and the Gym leader.

“Hey, Mark!” Alan called on the way. “We are idiots! We only realized after you left that it would be much quicker to…”

“I… I’m not who you think I am,” Mark said quickly and loudly, silencing Alan and replacing his relieved expression with one of puzzlement. May raised an eyebrow.

“Do you know them?” Carl asked, his tone of voice somewhere midway between suspicious and conversational so that it was impossible to tell what his real intention was. Mark’s mind raced.

“I… I lied to you,” he continued what he hoped was not too soon and not too late, ignoring Carl’s comment. “I… I’m really Mark Greenlet, the guy who was killed by Chaletwo on May 25th.”

Alan just stood there and blinked.

“Mark, what the hell are you…” May began, but Mark quickly cut her off, desperately hoping she’d get the hint.

“No, it’s true,” he babbled. “I’m sorry, I really am. It’s… I’m really resurrected and working for Mew trying to stop Chaletwo from releasing an evil dragon named Volcaryu that’s going to make this volcano erupt tomorrow and… I’ve been undercover so Chaletwo wouldn’t hear that I’m alive and take precautions. All I told you was… just to prevent the news from getting out to where he could hear it. I’m sorry.”

Mark could almost see the light of understanding flash on in Alan’s face as he caught on. May was still staring at him like a lunatic, but one elbowing from Alan made her close her mouth and give an ever-so-slight nod to indicate that she got it.
Aren't you just on the edge of your seat?

IALCOTN chapter 7: Pretty much just started, and I haven't been working on it much. Sorry.

Oh, and all those who didn't know: I will be writing a sequel to Scyther's Story, currently unnamed, for NaNoWriMo 2007. It will be about Stormblade and Shadowdart after Razor has left the swarm. The way I've been toying with it, I think the first four parts (out of seven; the structure will mirror that of Scyther's Story) will be from Stormblade's point of view and the latter three from Shadowdart's.




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You're a dork.



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something of substance

also ditto Larissa

Shadow Serenity


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Cool idea. I can't wait for the next chapter to be finished!



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I AM at the edge of my seat…. And I think I forgot some of your chapters after waiting for you to update the site… *rereads*



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I… CAN'T…WAIT!!!!!!! :DDD



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I am a happy person because you're doing this. :]'

Arcanine Royale


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Nice preview…

So a sequel to Scyther's Story for NaNo, aye? Will be interested in seeing that when it's done. (And happy to see you're doing NaNo as well again.)

Ookami Shounin


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Wow, I can't wait! This was a good idea too.



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Sounds interesting. I can't wait for the rest of the story. I currently am writing my own fan fic and yours gives me ideas so thx for writing this fic! Ugh why must we wait so long! lol

Kenshin's Rayquaza


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Cool! This one can't wait to continue reading.



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cool! =P Looks like this is turning out to be a rather interesting chapter…

I love that idea for a Sequel to Scyther's story too. Go Dragonfree.



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Rock out, TQFTL!!!



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Can't. WAIT!! *rebuilds her destroyed time machine*<–long story…

Anyways, I can't wait to read it!!



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Mark: I'm dead.
Alan: WHAAT???
lol, cant wait for the rest. KEEP EM COMING!

Koori Renchuu


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I can't wait! I really am at the edge of my seat. Keep it up, this story's awesome!



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This fic is utter trash. Back to grade school with you! >.<

Just kidding, just kidding, though I'm always a little iffy with your fanfiction. I like it, I like it just fine, but I can't help noticing that despite your description you've kind of neglected any real character development. Seriously, the only change that I've seen in Mark is that he's become more depressed. I also realize that he stinks at battles, but you do get better over time, don't forget, and it's getting a little annoying that every time he earns a victory he barely has anything to do with it. Couldn't you show the guy some love and give him at least ONE strategic gem in his life? 0_o

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