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11/28/2008: Ladies and gentlemen, I suck.

So. It's nearly the end of November, and I haven't even finished chapter 46. Bad me.

At least I did get myself to finish chapter nine of Morphic, and yesterday I got past the point I'd been stuck at and now it's just sitting down and writing a couple of scenes and battles. I like some parts of what I have and some not. I'd give a preview, but none of it would make very good preview-material, really, besides that I'm not at home right now.


Pure Umbreon (11/29/2008 04:10:30)
Hey, At least you got Morphic chapter nine finished. Personally, I would rather have you take three months to make a good chapter than rush chapter 46.

(Seriously, I check this site every day to see if TQftL is updated or not. no joke)
TexLugia (11/29/2008 22:27:45)
I check it each time I go on the comp ^^ Your fanfic is extremely addictive (and the best I've ever read)
SilverLatios (12/02/2008 03:16:32)
And I agree with every word the people above me wrote.
I actually started reading Morphic the other day, and now I have more then one awesome story to wait on my toes for!

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