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11/01/2008: PeNoWriMo

As I had mentioned, my goal for my Personal Novel Writing Month (an unofficial spin on NaNoWriMo) is to write 50,000 words total of The Quest for the Legends and Morphic in the month of November.

The initial statistics:
Morphic: 24,279 words
TQftL: 208,862 words
Total: 233,141 words

Thus, my goal is 283,141 words. Hopefully this will get me to finish chapter 46.

Also, opinion poll! Should I post chapters here as I finish them during PeNoWriMo (with probably some drop in quality as they'll be written in a hurry and not edited very well, though of course I will proofread for typos and such), or post them after I edit them properly in December? Alternatively, I could finish chapter 46 and post it because you've been waiting for it for a while, and then wait until December with the other ones, which might be the most sensible choice (since I really don't want to mess those chapters up too badly).


eevee_em (11/01/2008 16:52:38)
First comment!

I think you should post chapter 46 now and then wait until December for the next one.
Automatistic (11/01/2008 20:18:22)
I think proofread them in December. Once you post them here it wouldn't be too wise to edit them. And people reading it now might appreciate you posting them up early, but future readers won't know that, they'll just notice a bit less quality in the writing. So I'd wait.

You could post Chapter 46 if it's almost finished, I guess. Or you could keep us in suspense about Quilava for a month. XD
Eternal (11/01/2008 21:21:49)
Yeah. I think posting 46 after you finish it and waiting til December for the other ones seems like the best choice, though its your story.
opaltiger (11/01/2008 23:16:53)
compromise! if you write quickly enough, post a chapter a week or something; you can easily edit for quality later, and people who don't mind an unpolished version will be happy.

or if you think posting an unedited version simply doesn't fit with your morals show them to meeeeee
TexLugia (11/02/2008 05:49:35)
I agree with Opaltiger <3
Happy (11/02/2008 08:16:03)
You could always post unedited versions in a seperate forum thread, and put up the edited versions here after.

Good luck =)
elyvorg (11/02/2008 11:24:28)
I'm going to vote for the 46 now, the rest later option.

This means more Morphic in December whee~
SlowCrow (11/02/2008 14:54:14)
I say you wait until December AFTER you proofread them for two reasons. One is so we can get polished product instead of a rushed mess. >_> And two is in case you want to add anything into the fics AFTER November.

By the way Butterfree, are you going to be doing anything in particular with the site as you're writing those chapters?
bayleef (11/02/2008 23:21:55)
I'm DYING to know what happens in chapter 46, the other chapters would be better after they were edited and polished in December. Yah Morphic!
SilverLatios (11/03/2008 03:05:39)
I agree with bayleef on this.
Amon (11/04/2008 03:18:53)
hmmm…. I say release chapter 46 asap then edit it later if it's not written well, and Morphic in December.
Butterfree (11/05/2008 23:59:55)
Morphic: 25,904 words
TQftL: 208,913 words
Total: 234,817 words
Initial: 233,141 words
Progress: 1,676/50,000

Yeah, I'm behind. :< And mostly been writing Morphic. But let's hope I can catch up.
Obsidian Blade (11/06/2008 12:18:27)
Hold out until December before posting them. NaNoWriMo work desperately needs tuning because it's written so fast and I doubt you want to lumber your readers with working through the mistakes undoubtedly left in. :P

Personally I'm a bit of a perfectionist too, so I know if I posted something hot off the NaNoWriMo press I'd start itching to fix it up and that would slow me down with the writing itself. ^^;
Butterfree (11/09/2008 22:38:59)
Morphic: 25,976 words
TQftL: 209,065 words
Total: 235,041 words
Initial: 233,141 words
Progress: 1,900/50,000

I suck. :<
Pure Umbreon (11/10/2008 18:33:23)
Hey Butterfree, don't worry too much. You still have 2/3 of the month left. =)

Anyway, as for the poll, I am going to say what many of the others said. Post 46 when it's ready, wait until December for the rest.

P.S. I finally read Morphic, and it is REALLY good. No joke. Now I have more than just TQftL to wait for! XD
Butterfree (11/14/2008 01:34:00)
Morphic: 26,877 words
TQftL: 209,114 words
Total: 235,991 words
Initial: 233,141 words
Progress: 2,850/50,000

I still suck, but hey.

It is probably worth noting that the main reason I haven't been getting very far along so far is that I've been in an extremely unproductive mood; I've been in some sort of a crazy hormonal rush and spending more time at my boyfriend's place than at home. At least now that I am home I took a little writing sprint of some 900 words of Morphic in an hour or so, which is nice.

EDIT: 11/14/08

Morphic: 27,627 words
TQftL: 209,114 words
Total: 236,741 words
Initial: 233,141 words
Progress: 3,600/50,000


Morphic: 27,627 words
TQftL: 209,803 words
Total: 237,430 words
Initial: 233,141 words
Progress: 4,289/50,000

Oh, God, I still suck. :< Extremely.

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