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10/23/2008: Chapter 46 is annoying.

It's way too long. I'm on the fifth page and probably have at least one page left before I get to the actual battles, and I'd planned to cram two of those into the chapter. Ugh.

That and I haven't been in much of a mood to write it recently. But never fear: I think NaNoWriMo for me this year will be a dedication to writing 50,000 words total of The Quest for the Legends and Morphic in the month of November, and that's got to get stuff done.

Right now Dragonite is talking about how he feels like a balloon.


opaltiger (10/23/2008 18:47:31)
well he certainly LOOKS like a balloon >:(
Fox McCloud (10/25/2008 03:54:32)
Yea, that dodge attempt against Polaryu… yeah, he prolly does feel like ye olde balloon. >_< Lawl.

*runs off to play Super Smash Bros.*
SilverLatios (10/25/2008 14:43:16)
Poor Dragonite, now fat and un-lithe…
I'd rather stay a Dragonair.
Raitora Kuro Yamiraku (10/26/2008 01:42:32)
*sympathizes* …Yeah, that can be pretty annoying. I haven't been in a writing mood for ages, and I, quite frankly, almost want to give up a lot of my plots (for Pokémon fanfics and non-Pokémon stories).

Anyway, I'd like to be a Dragonite, ironically mostly because it's a fat dragon-thingo. :D I'd like to be a Salamence more, though. XD

(Shows how easily I can diverge from a subject. 0_o)
elyvorg (10/26/2008 16:23:31)
D'aww, poor Dragonite. xD Must be a shock to suddenly go from slender to, erm… chubby.

*is also having writing-mood problems herself*
shadow_lugia (10/26/2008 23:48:05)
@opaltiger: >.> I guess I have to give you my Internet now *reluctantly hands over Internet*
TexLugia (10/27/2008 05:59:46)
I've always liked Dragonair, and I kinda wished I didn't have to evolve my shiny Dragonair. But you know, I needed the data and everything… still, shiny Dragonite is fun <3 its green and has purple wings!
opaltiger (10/29/2008 03:15:36)
@opaltiger: >.> I guess I have to give you my Internet now *reluctantly hands over Internet*

You do?

Right, yes, of course you do!
gyarados148 (10/29/2008 19:23:08)
dragonite is fat but still strong
darthjarjar (10/29/2008 20:17:33)
awww… poor dragonite… he has lost his speedy skinnyness and gained a fat outer layer of blubber… oh well, mabye he'll feel better after pwning some other pokemon…
SlowCrow (10/29/2008 22:02:00)
<_< Well, going from a 10 inch to a 4 yard long waist DOES have an effect of ruining your aerodynamics. Although…one has to wonder about what is so important about the previous four pages that Butterfree wrote. It's probably some post-legendary rambling, but it still calls for some sort of investigation.

^_^ And that makes FOUR authors with writing mood problems! (I haven't touched Bug III in months, and I KNOW there are people waiting for another chapter, which bothers me to no end >_>')

-________- Kaw.
Butterfree (10/30/2008 01:57:16)
The previous four pages? Oh, you know. Just a major revelation and the best chapter beginning in the entire fic.

(I'm not even kidding.)
Leafpool (10/31/2008 01:04:44)


Well, don't keep us in so much suspense if it's such an epic chapter! Either write it or don't tell us how much of a problem you're having writing it so that we all think the writing of the chapter isn't going to take that much longer!

… yeah, I'm just as impatient as the next person. Chapters can sometimes be much more annoying to wait for than whole books, because chapters are shorter and thus fans can occasionally guess more of the plot of the next chapter than they can of the next book. And there's /more/ chapters, which makes for more waiting in between chapters - and more cliffhangers to keep you waiting, too.

November's going to be a very impatient month for me, what with my birthday on Tuesday, this next chapter, Long Shadows, NaNoWriMo, and various real-life things. :P
SilverLatios (11/09/2008 04:12:17)
I second that, Leafpool.
Butterfree (11/09/2008 14:07:09)
It's not that epic. The revelation isn't precisely anything I've been hiding, but it's when the main characters find out. :/ Still the best chapter beginning in the entire fic, though.
elyvorg (11/09/2008 17:49:31)
Something to do with Taylor owning a bunch of clones, perhaps?

puredragon222 (11/27/2008 16:53:04)
Balloon, eh? My favourite Pokemon (not in the fic, thats Scyther) feels like a balloon? OHDEARGODNO!

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