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10/12/2008: TQftL Tropes

Ever been to TV Tropes? If not, it's the sort of website you are liable to waste an entire day on - I did that on Friday, for instance - so you might want to turn away now if you want to manage any sort of productivity for the next few weeks. But if it is too late for you and you're bored, then here's something to do: find tropes that apply to The Quest for the Legends (or the spin-offs). And post them here. See how many we can get.

Chapter 46 is on the fifth page; now I'm worrying that it will be too long. I maybe should have combined the entire first half of this chapter with chapter 45, but then my favorite chapter beginning ever wouldn't be a chapter beginning. D: Oh, moral dilemmas.


elyvorg (10/12/2008 19:02:55)
Oh, wow. I love that place too and have wasted wayyy too many hours of my life there already. This sounds like fun.

*heads off there and waves the rest of her evening goodbye*

Edit: And two hours later, we have:

The End Of The World As We Know It: The War of the Legends, obviously.
Chekhovs Gunman: When we first see May, she looks to be just a random unimportant trainer until she turns up again and becomes a main character.
Gotta Catch Them All: Kinda speaks for itself.
Ascended Fanboy: Mark, being a lifelong fan of legendaries, is suddenly entrusted with the task of having to battle and capture a bunch of them.
Mysterious Past: Mitch, and probably a few others, too.

There's also quite a lot of trope potential in The Fall of a Leader:
Jumping Off The Slippery Slope: Shadowdart. Oh so much.
Knight Templar: Shadowdart, again.
Utopia Justifies The Means: And again.
Redemption Equals Death: Kind of, anyway; Shadowdart is bothered that those who could actually manage to redeem themselves are the ones who commit suicide of guilt.

*wonders if anyone else will do this or if she is the only TV Tropes junkie here*
UndecidedX (10/13/2008 02:23:03)
That site is somewhat addicting.. I don't even know why…

And you shouldn't worry if it's too long or not, as long as the content which is making it long isn't pointless.
Zeta Reticuli (11/05/2008 21:12:46)
more like "the type of website you are liable to waste your entire life on"
ThunderBlue (11/14/2008 01:59:51)
Wow. TV Tropes' been hacked!

Try to go there yourself, or search it on Google. See the first link.
ThunderBlue (11/14/2008 04:00:35)
Never mind. it's back!
Butterfree (12/04/2008 20:42:17)
Okay, I was bored today. When I should have been studying. A few more from The Fall of a Leader:

A Real Man Is A Killer: the entire culture around First Prey.
I Have No Son: Razor's father in Part IV of The Fall of a Leader.
Author Appeal: Not precisely a fetish, but it would be delusional of me to deny that my personal tastes have a lot to do with the amount of death, suicide and characters doing pretty terrible things.
The Plot Reaper: Stalker and Pearl both had to die for the purposes of the plot.
Redemption Equals Death: Also Shadowdart, or at least Stormblade would like to think that he realized what he had become before he killed himself.
Driven To Suicide: Stalker and Shadowdart.
Seppuku: Suicide of guilt.

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