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09/30/2008: Chapter 46 progress report

(Psst, everybody who missed it: I did not make a typo in the title of this post; chapter 45 is indeed already up.)

I'm on the second page of chapter 46 already. It has my favorite chapter beginning ever, so I took some time off the chemistry report I was supposed to be writing the day before yesterday so that I could write that, and then I just went with the conversation, which I also like the outcome of. The chapter will have a battle or two (haven't fully decided yet) and some training stuff, so it could become long, but I'm not entirely sure.

Good God, I still can't believe I'm actually writing League chapters now. You have no idea how long I've been plotting those things out and rubbing my hands together at the vague future idea of writing them. @_@


darthjarjar (09/30/2008 17:03:18)
lol… cant wait for the battles!!!
Fox McCloud (10/02/2008 04:47:45)
Fweeness. *rubs hands as well*

It's awesome. Very awesome. Stupid anchormen with their stupid dead Suicune. >:D So anyway, good chapter. And… Quilava. This should be really good. REAL good.
TexLugia (10/02/2008 11:43:42)
I know this is random, but I hope Lugia is gonna eventually be in this… Lugia is win <3
SilverLatios (10/06/2008 14:40:06)
I'm guessing about five years? *brick'd* Can't wait for more. I never can. <333

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