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09/17/2008: Chapter 44 up

See? I told you I felt a writing spree coming up!

Chapter 44: Polaryu

It's just over nine pages. And it was written in a month and one day. I could still make it to chapter 47 before the end of 2008 at this pace (which, for those who haven't been reading the blog since I made my new year's resolution, would mean I'd have written ten chapters this year, a feat I thought I'd never manage but merely swore to try, the actual resolution being that I'd write at least five, which I've already done). Whee.

I like some things about the chapter and not others; it's more subtle than a lot of my chapters, in that I don't rub the precise explanation for everything that happens in your face, which I like, but the actual battle seems too short. <_<


darthjarjar (09/18/2008 21:11:06)
awesome. thats all i have to say

o yea i forgot… you made a spelling error… you spelled of instead of off in one of the sentances…
TexLugia (09/19/2008 05:31:19)
elyvorg (09/20/2008 21:39:50)
So I was right about May catching it. Whoo. Opening for later plot twists with Mark/Carl/May, methinks.
Amon (09/25/2008 01:18:45)
Yeah, the battle was kinda short… >_>
There's going to be a plot twist later because of Polaryu losing it's Nevermeltice on the side of it's head I'm guessing. But that's just me.
randombars (09/28/2008 11:16:15)
I thought it was a bit odd that May said 'fourth legendary caught!' considering that the second legendary they fought was killed…
Butterfree (09/28/2008 13:58:08)
It's thought more as a "This is the fourth legendary we deal with, and it's been caught" than "This is the fourth legendary which we catch."

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