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09/16/2008: Chapter 44 progress

So. I've been inching on with chapter 44, and I think I sense a writing spree coming up soon because I've had this nice tingling of writing mood in the past few days. It's got a silly little pointless fraction of a wild Pokémon battle and random talking to Chaletwo and stuff. Nothing very interesting yet.

But the entire third page of the chapter is about Nevermeltice. I kid you not. And it was completely spontaneous, as in I just kind of incidentally put it in in a burst of inspiration near the top of the page, but it still made marvelously much sense to tie the chapter together. I love it when that happens.

I'd quote it as a preview, but you'd almost definitely figure out the significance immediately and that would be no fun. :(


darthjarjar (09/16/2008 22:56:30)
mehehe thats awesome!!! cant wait!!
TexLugia (09/17/2008 06:41:13)
Cannot wait! <3

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