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09/07/2008: I know I was talking about Polaryu, but...

I mean, it was about time I made D/P sprites of the dragons, and since I think I know more or less what I want to do with Polaryu, I felt this was a good time to do it. And I started with Thunderyu because I like Thunderyu and it's technically the first of the trio.

Obviously inspired by the old one's pose, but it's all made from scratch. The worst thing about it is that I couldn't fit in the wings as being as huge in comparison to the body as I'd have liked.

(Also, if you didn't notice, that was an BBCode I just used! :o)


Zzzzzzzzz480 (09/07/2008 02:07:38)
That scratch is really good, much better than I could do, that's for sure. The only downside is that it looks more like a pixel-over than a sprite, and, if I'm correct (which I'm probably not anyway), that is bigger than the regulation size sprite. Maybe if you made it a little smaller. Hope this helps, sorry if you think it's annoying banter. Also, I'm new here, so why is it so special that you used a BBCode?
Butterfree (09/07/2008 02:13:31)
No, it's 80x80, the size of D/P sprites. Advance sprites are 64x64, which is what the old sprites were.

It is special that I used a BBCode because there never used to be an BBCode on this forum. :P I was just implementing it now (so that I could post this, in fact).
Retsu (09/07/2008 06:34:02)
Nice, you have lovely scratch skills.

Might wanna do something to the left back leg, though. It looks rather strange and small compared to the other - the "knee" should go a bit higher, I think.

The curve between the left foot and leg should be turned upside down; the way you have it now makes the foot appear turned so that the bottom is facing the viewer. Unless that's what you intened, i'unno.

Lovely shading, though, this could easily fit into any of the games, it looks completly authentic. (:
Butterfree (09/07/2008 13:37:33)
Edited the leg and foot a bit. :D Thanks.
elyvorg (09/07/2008 15:00:25)
His snout doesn't look as long and flat as it did in the old one.
Butterfree (09/07/2008 15:22:30)
Yes, because this is how it's supposed to look. The snout in the old one was essentially a leftover from Charizard, when it should be a lot pointier. (See the Fic Art sketches.) In fact, that was one of the reasons I wanted to remake the sprite.
Zzzzzzzzz480 (09/07/2008 20:02:36)
Why do I feel so happy to be wrong? Anyway, sorry about the size thingy, but it still looks more like a sprite sized pixel-over than a normal sprite to me. Maybe it's just me?
Retsu (09/08/2008 06:44:40)
Ahh, looks great now. (: You're a fantastic spriter, Butterfree.
TexLugia (09/08/2008 06:53:13)
The shading on the wings looks terrific to me, probably because I never bother to look at sprites as much as I do now xD great job, I kind of preferred the old one, though. Mainly because my fave dragon looked like the old one, so just ignore me, my favouriteness doesn't count.
TexLugia (09/08/2008 06:54:51)
Maybe the foreclaw closest to use could be changed, cause it looks a bit more like a foot than a hand claw. Just how it's a bit bulgy… yeah, I'm fishing for anything that could possibly be wrong with it, and it's pretty hard, cause the dragon sprite is awesome.
TexLugia (09/09/2008 06:13:55)
Just ignore what I said before, it's perfect

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