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07/29/2008: Yay, writing spree. Somewhat.

Okay, so I just wrote, uh, close to two pages of chapter 43. It has a battle. And something I really didn't think would happen this soon, but did. And God, there is a lot of stuff that needs to happen in this chapter. o.O Or well, okay, on second thought the last part would be more appropriate as part of chapter 44. And it's not that much, per se, but just time-consuming stuff, in fic-time but not writing-time. Well, whatever. At least I'm writing. So yay?


Draconid (07/30/2008 14:33:40)
Yes, at least you're writing. *nods* I love the battle scenes, so that should be good…

Too bad there needs to be a lot of stuff. That means the chapter will take longer. ;~;

And I commented first on this one! *throws party*

Fallen 0&0~
Eternal (08/01/2008 22:52:16)
But more stuff also means the chapter will be more intresting once its actually up.

And yes, it's a good thing you're actually writing.
Nostalgia (08/02/2008 01:07:32)
Hmm, the title "Yay, writing spree. Somewhat." Makes me think you are glad, because of the 'yay', that you have somewhat of a Writing Spree, instead of a full writing spree.

But that's just me.
Mike (08/03/2008 02:39:29)
I've been reading this for a long time. I'm really exited for the next chapter. Hope it comes soon!
darthjarjar (08/06/2008 19:00:31)
yay…writing spree…i feels happys…cant wait for the next chap…its REALLY addicting and im using the story as an excuse to be on the comp…=)
Sydney (08/09/2008 23:45:11)
Woot, keep on writing, Butterfree! This story is awesome!

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