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07/27/2008: Retcon ahoy! (+ chapter 43 preview)

Okay, so since my mom is reading the IALCOTN, I made special arrangements for her to be able to click pretty much any Pokémon name in the story and see a picture of it. (They don't appear normally, as for most people that would just be distracting.) And while I was going through it to make those links, I finally went ahead and did some retconning.

- Firstly, Rick trains stone-evolving Pokémon. The whole legendary business is just rumours. Some people think his stone-evolving Pokémon are super-clones. This is now fact in the IALCOTN and the previous notion of him openly training legendaries will henceforth be ignored.

- Secondly, and minorly, I changed the references to Route 201 to Route 301, as the 200-routes are in Sinnoh.

Yes, I'm writing chapter 43. I just started the second page. I think things are about to start happening soon; so far it's just conversation. This is the beginning of the chapter, as a preview. None too interesting.

Alan will fill him in, huh?

The start of their journey across the calm sea was none too interesting, and it was all too quickly dawning onto Mark that this would be a long, long day, especially since May still seemed to be in a bad mood and hadn’t said a word to him since they’d set off. Lapras occasionally glanced over her shoulder at them, but never spoke. There was little to do other than staring at the sunny hills behind them or out at the endless stretch of deep blue ocean ahead – that and talking to Chaletwo.

“I know,” the legendary Pokémon replied in his head, the voice pained. “What could I do? I didn’t really realize how little he knew until he was out there.”

I noticed you seemed really bent on not mentioning the dragons, Mark mused. Why is that? I mean, you had no problems telling May and Alan about them or letting me tell everybody in Crater Town.

“You can tell a human there are legendary Pokémon they don’t know about,” was the frustrated reply. “But Molzapart knows there aren’t supposed to be any Dragons of Ouen. He’d start asking questions.”

Right. That made sense. And if Alan is going to discuss it with him, they’ll put together two and two, since he has no doubt noticed how much more you seem to care about them than about somebody like Suicune. Gotcha.

And now he’d brought up the memory of Suicune again. He hated himself sometimes.



Nostalgia (07/27/2008 21:01:46)
I'm glad that it is now official that Rick uses Stone Evolution Pokemon.

The Route Number change was a given, I guess.

You know what? I've been reading books a lot lately, so I think I'll reread the ILCOE and IALCOTN, after I finish the book I'm reading now, of course.
Draconid (07/27/2008 21:15:20)
It sounds good. Although the chapter seems to have not much happen, I always like conversations with Chaletwo.

I'm also glad you changed the whole Rick-trains-legendary-clones thing. It was kinda unrealistic, both the fact that he managed to get all their DNA and the fact that the government let him do that.

Any way you could incorporate a Growlithe/Vulpix/Ninetales/Arcanine in there? I luffles those fire dogs/wolves so much. 8D
Automatistic (07/28/2008 05:31:51)
"And now he’d brought up the memory of Suicune again. He hated himself sometimes."
Lol, I love that. XD It's gotta be one of my favourite quotes along with "mentally hit himself with a baseball bat" =D

I hope you can write the rest of the chapter easily, and I hope that your Mom likes it. =D

(yeah, the spam verification Pokemon was Espeon, so I felt like I had to comment to honour it XD)
Bill (07/28/2008 13:06:03)
"Okay, so since my mom is reading the IALCOTN, I made special arrangements for her to be able to click pretty much any Pokémon name in the story and see a picture of it."

I did that SAME thing when I was writing a fic a couple of years ago. This was before my mom became a Pokémon nerd though, now she wouldn't need the pictures. D: But yeah… I just found that funny.
silverlatios (07/29/2008 18:53:43)
if i had written a pokemon fanfic for this long, my mom would love to read it xD(we're a family of pokemon nerds) can't wait for you to finish it!
TexLugia (07/30/2008 06:47:00)
I wish my family were Pokemon nerds ^^ when I start talking to mum about Pokemon, she admits to completely ignoring or half-listening to and then forgetting what I just said. I have to quiz her on what I just said for her to notice, or show pretty pictures -smacks face with hand-
elyvorg (07/30/2008 11:04:37)
Eh, my family, predictably enough, think I'm too old for Pokémon.

Nice little preview; Chaletwo arguments are always fun.

I'm going to be nitpicky on it because I feel like it, despite the fact that you might change these things yourself when you edit. Firstly, "put two and two together" is the way it's most naturally said; I don't think I've ever heard that phrase with the word order you used. And secondly, "no doubt" seems a tad too formal for Mark's train of thought.

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