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07/10/2008: Laziness

Chapter 43 has not yet been started.

Since chapter 42, I've been busy with math training and obsessing over Phoenix Wright. All I wrote was the beginning of a Phoenix Wright fanfic, which will sadly be a bit of a headache to finish thanks to a plot hole in the game. And uh, chapter 43 is not interesting enough to make me really excited by the prospect of writing it. And on Monday I'm going to Spain for the International Mathematical Olympiad and won't be back until the twenty-second of July.

So uh, try to encourage me somehow to make me write over the weekend? Pretty please? :<


Draconid (07/11/2008 01:31:05)

Think of what you won't get to write that you really want to, but can't until you finish chapter 43. That's my expert advice. -cough-not-cough-

Fallen 0&0~
NOP (07/11/2008 06:22:12)
Don't worry dood.

Sometimes I start writing something, see a cute squirrel to chase and then never return…

Let alone get out 42 chapters!

International Mathematical Olympiad????

My maths teacher has a book of questions from that, and he can't do a single one! To get this far… *shudders* How impossibly high must your IQ be?

opaltiger (07/11/2008 17:38:06)
My maths teacher has a book of questions from that, and he can't do a single one!

he must be a pretty terrible maths teacher o.o

my advice? take nothing but a notebook and pen on the flight 8) perhaps not as effective as it would have been last year, but oh well
shadow_lugia (07/11/2008 18:00:21)
:/ I hate math. Worst subject ever.

In your FAQ or whatever, it said that you only write when you're in the writing mood and want to write on that particular thing, and that it's generally pointless trying to persuade you. Meh.

I listen too much sometimes :)
elyvorg (07/11/2008 19:45:34)
I want big plotty twisty awesome ending. NOW. Pretty please?
Eternal (07/12/2008 18:26:25)
You want to write, you know you want to, or you wouldn't be asking us for encouragement. Best way to write though is just to…start writing. you might end up deleting it later, thinking its bad or a bad start or something, but it's still writing, and might help you think of ideas(or ways to make Chapter 43 more interesting)

sucks over that game plothole though…>_>
Sui (07/13/2008 15:53:32)
While reading these comments, I can't get the words "bad attempt at random flattery" out of my head…
Evil_Lord (07/15/2008 07:57:27)
well i just think you should keep writing because its an awesome story and i really enjoy it.
psssssst: mabye u could put up more of the pokemon in the story on ur fake pokemon page so we can c there stats and moves but i guess it wouldnt be high on ur priority list.
Anyway its an awesome story and i enjoy so pce out
NOP (07/16/2008 15:09:38)
Yah! You know you love writing, otherwise you wouldn't have kept going for six years!
You've just gotta get back into that 'love of pokemon' mood! You know you have to or else [threat] you'll end up like ME, unable to keep writing a single fic for more than 20 minutes.[/threat]

Don't ever let that happen! For the sake of all that is good etc.

Also I want to know how the story ends.
Luxray Village HQ (07/17/2008 18:26:51)
Come on! If I can make a website with a snap of my fingers, you can finish this story! (Besides, if I can make a website so easily, I can also easily spread the news… I can see it now…)

At any rate, all your fans want to see the end! Maybe you can publish it and make some money. I have an 11-year-old friend who is writing a whole series. It's possible! Set a goal and stick to it! $u$

And by the way, I would SERIOUSLY finish it. It's really cool. So just, as Dawn form the Animé tells us, keep on truckin'!

LVHQ- Out and Over

I know it's supposed to be Over and Out. It's a Luxray Village kind of thing. Maybe I'll tell you the Url. when it's finished.
Fox McCloud (07/22/2008 14:06:02)
I'll try a possible future and subliminal messages. Read the bold and only skim over the rest… *sends out Hypno*
*Flashforward to tomorrow*

Welcome back. I hope you wrote something over the weekend. How was your weekend? You better tell us SOMETHING fool. If you were in that thing… whoa. *charges his laser* I'm one of those geniuses who doesn't apply themself. Post something. Yeah, I suck like that.Anything, even an excuse.Anyway… hope you had a good time or whatever they say to people who just got THAT MUCH MATH in that short of a time.As long as that excuse is attached to a chapter preview.

*Hypno waves coin thingy*
Etai (07/23/2008 08:00:32)
I'm not an expert on Pokemon, nor am I a fantastic writer, but this kind of writing really appeals to me. Well done, you've just inspired someone else to write Pokemon fanfics too xD Keep writing!
Butterfree (07/23/2008 12:39:47)
Um, guys, I am going to finish the fic. I am not the sort of person who spends six years on something and then gives up on it, thank you very much. It's just a matter of motivation to get this particular chapter done sooner than later.

At least I'm back now and can get to writing. Or well, right now I'm at my boyfriend's house, but I'll be able to write when I get home (and yes, I did write in the weekend before I left!). Thanks for all the encouragement.

psssssst: mabye u could put up more of the pokemon in the story on ur fake pokemon page so we can c there stats and moves but i guess it wouldnt be high on ur priority list.
Funnily enough, the reason they're not there already is that I've yet to make decent sprites of them.
Draconid (07/25/2008 01:16:03)
Why did everyone think you would quit? 0.o

But I'm glad you're back. Like my shiny new name?

Fallen 0&0~

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