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10/14/2007: Creation myth!

So yay, I just wrote a one-shot that's basically the ultimate Pokémon creation story.

Except, well, it's spoileryspoil. It will be included either as an extra with the last chapter of the fic or just a one-shot posted after it, though (probably revised somewhat). And since not all of it is spoileryspoil, this is how it begins:

“Far, far back in the mists before time, there was no world. There was just chaos and, in its midst, an egg.

“And the egg hatched, and out of it came the Pokémon Arceus, the Original One. And two others he made to spring out from himself, Dialga and Palkia, and with them came the four dimensions of existence.

“And when the dimensions had come into being, a little grain of potential began to expand into the nothingness to fill it; and thus was formed the universe with all of its laws and elements; and because the dimensions never ended, so it is still expanding to this day.”

Zomg Big Bang. =o

And yes, I know this is more or less the same as the official version of the creation myth. The rest of it goes farther after this, however, and is relevant to the fic.


Happypants3 (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Haha, there's that definite bible-style to the beginning. |3 Me likey!

Something I've been wondering for a while and know you can't answer due to spoilers; how did the War of the Legends come about? Were the first ubers manipulated by some other evil Pokemon, or did it come about through natural aggression? Etc? (No reason to ask apart from wondering that too. :P)
Happypants3 (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Whoops, meant 'no reason to ask apart from getting others to wonder that too.' And while I'm spamming, another question to annoy everybody: Is Chalenor significant to the Workings of teh Universe, and if yes, how so?
Butterfree (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Yes, it would be very intelligent indeed to wonder about that.

Thankfully, it is not long until chapter 39 will shed at least some light on the subject.
Chrom (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Hmm… It does, indeed, sound very Bible-style. Which leads to wonderment about how religion is handled in a world where Pokémon physically exist. They create enough controversy in a world where they don't.

As the guardian of life and having the death-stare, Chalenor/two must be significant, methinks. A lot of other Pokémon mythos can be guessed at, but it's mostly up to fans to web them together so that they all fit into one grand scam and make sense.

Which is, of course, one of Dragonfree's strong points.
Chae (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Funny you post that, as I was writing my own Pokemon creation story. Yours looks a lot better though. ;~;
charizard morph (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
great therie but i would think uxie mesprit and azlef would have something to do with it.

P.S. kudos on the stories i love them your the best
Butterfree (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
They do have something to do with it. It goes on to detail their creation after the part I quoted in the entry, in fact before it comes to the spoilery parts.

I might as well quote that too, I guess:

“But when Arceus saw the universe, he could see more potential, and wished to create Life. And he created by his will a being into the universe and named it Azelf. And it had will as he did.

“But Arceus shook his head and said: No, this will not do; and he used his knowledge and experience from the previous creation to create another being and named it Uxie. And it was wise, but it still lacked.

“So Arceus again shook his head in despair and said: No, I must try again. And he created a being and called it Mesprit, and it could feel emotions as he did. But it was still lacking, and Arceus was exhausted.”

And then it goes on to be relevant to the plot of the fic. Speculate at will.
d-man (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
and then there was Mew
Gengar (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
This sounds nice…and indeed. "Then there was Mew" pretty much sums it up. Great job, Butterfree!
Butterfree (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Who says then there was Mew? :P
Gengar (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
IT WAS TEH D-MAN!!! Not me…and I only wish I could write fics like you. :)
zapdos shadow (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
I'm going to theroize that arceus is sucking out the energy of the legendary pokemon because it got exhausted and needed more and so the legendary war started and creating new life afterwards exhausted arceus again so it has created a cycle and thus the main characters must discover some other energy source for arceus in order to stop the cycle, also I agree with gengar your writing is amazing have you ever considered becoming a proffesional author?
Zironixx (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Reading Butterfree's LiveJournal enteries acualtly are useful sometimes, as shown in this case, which would give yourself wonderful, spoilericful, knownlegde as what possibly may happen :3
Lunar (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Interesting. I, for one, am especially interested in how you managed to fit a creation myth into the whole War of the Legends thingy seeing as how many legends die during said war, and some of them were entirely different species.
Snoipeh (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Heheh, in my head it sounded like the guy in the beginning of Law & Order was saying it.

But that was very well-written; my favorite part was the, "and with them came the four dimensions of existence."

I dunno why. Yay.
Mary G (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Cool, this is a very potential one-shot. Best of luck to you!
JD (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
I'm assuming the fact that Arceus considers the trio lacking means that you are indeed going to be replacing Molzapart with Mementity, then?
Butterfree (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Actually, this version of the creation myth story does not assume Mementity exists, since it is intended to come with the end of the ILCOE.
D-man (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Poketoa (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
…Wait, anyone have the link to Dragonfree's LiveJournal anyway?

Reading Butterfree's LiveJournal enteries acualtly are useful sometimes, as shown in this case, which would give yourself wonderful, spoilericful, knownlegde as what possibly may happen :3

So… yea… anyone have the link? xD
Bob (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
i do, but I'm to evil to give it to you.:P
I love the myth. :D
sableye (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Pokemon: soon to be a major religion.
Happypants3 (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
^ Haha amen |D Let's start our own religion of Poke'ism!

And back on topic I realised my questions were answered in like… chapter 24 =___= Well lessee, something else that started bugging me recently then. Since Mewtwo was apparently died ages ago and Mew merged him with Chalenor to get Chaletwo, how come Ash and co. have seen Mewtwo? Or does this fic subvert slightly from the anime like most do? (Probably the latter; I rendered my own question useless again o_o)
Random Absol (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
What I want to know is who this "Destroyer" is. A made-up? Or another legendary? Or maybe it's something completely unexpected?
ZOMG it's Magikarp! I knew it!
Butterfree (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
Huh? Happypants3, your questions were not answered in chapter 24. o_O Unless you meant some other questions than the ones you were asking above. There has definitely been nothing revealing much of anything about Chalenor or why the War of the Legends originally came about. Unless I misunderstood your questions and you had forgotten about the concept of the Destroyer in the first place. I got the impression you were asking where the Destroyer came from.

On the other hand, your new question about Mewtwo was answered in chapter 25. Mewtwo hadn't been created 1000 years ago; he had been brought to that time from the future, and that future is the future of the fic (i.e. "now" is before Mewtwo was taken to the past).

Random Absol: That, like so many other things, will be addressed in chapter 39.

My LiveJournal is here, but half of it consists of random ramblings about the greatness of Jesus Christ Superstar and the relative length of all the chapters of The Quest for the Legends. And all my freaky dreams about the end of the world, Nazis, dinosaurs in a cultural shock and various other bizarre things.
Butterfree (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
(Oh, and the details of everything I've been doing on my vacations.)

In fact, what you're interested in is more or less going to be what's here, so if you just want to search for fic plot hints, that's the place to look.
Jade Dragonair (10/14/2007 23:00:00)
I always thought that Mew was created first, but all the Pokemon and humans were mindless zombies (or something like that) so then Arceus had Mew create three more bodies, and filled one with his knowledge, one with his will, and the last with his emotions, and told them to go out into the world and bestow their gifts upon all the living creatures =/ (and, even though as crazy as it seems, Magikarp included)

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