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06/26/2008: Chapter 42 finished

Finished at 11 pages. Interestingly, it is the first eleven-page chapter of the fic. There have been a number of ten- and twelve-page chapters, but never eleven pages. Sure ended up a lot longer than I thought it would be when I was worrying it wasn't enough content for a chapter. I've been increasingly realizing that it's the same with chapter 43, too - there is a lot of stuff happening in it, even if none of it is of much significance in itself.

So. I'll proofread and then edit this post when I've put it up. Just keep refreshing if you're waiting for it. Sorry for how late it is, too.

EDIT: Chapter 42: Splitting Up is here. Sorry about the wait again.


Nostalgia (06/27/2008 02:18:52)
Thank you! I've been going crazy waiting for this! I'll read it, right after I finish this post! Really!

EDIT: I just finished reading it! I loved it, like all the other chapters of TQfL, so it was no suprise. that I loved it.
SlowCrow (06/27/2008 11:24:22)
Well, let's see this new chapter, shall we? ^_^
Nurse Joy gave them a polite bow. “How can I help you?”
“Where could we buy food?” Alan asked her.
You forgot the space there.
He dreamt something about Letal killing his father and his mother sobbing over the coffin while Mark stood over Suicune’s body and attempted unsuccessfully to make her notice his existence so she could help him drag it into the woods.
This line made me chuckle for some reason. It catches all the nonsensical mish-mash of facts into one sentence that and, like a dream, goes by all at once and makes absolutely no sense. :P I like it.

As for Letal's "problem", seeing as what she wants to do to her family really makes me worry about all the Pokemon that reside in Ruxido. Are the Ruxido Nidoran's social structure like this too? Seriously, if we run into more Pokemon that want to kill somebody and finds it OK, I'll just say you're a psychopath that loves death and murder. :P </non-seriousness>

That was an OK chapter, with nothing making it stand out from other chapters, but that's a good thing. You're right about what happens in this chapter, it seems like nothing within itself, but is actually important considering the future events of the fic. I'll still be reading . :D

Now, I must go to try to at least start writing the next chapter of Bug III. >_> Although it'll just result in losing interest and me going to do something else. -_- Oh well.
Zora of Termina (06/27/2008 21:01:36)
…Wasn't very meaning of life-y, but I liked it. :P
Draconid (06/28/2008 15:06:51)
I did like that chapter; you really get into May's relationship with Lapras there, something that I enjoy.

There was, as the others have said, nothing to really make it stand out from the rest, but despite that it managed to be pretty important because of Molzapart and Alan teaming up and Alan leaving. Bye, Alan.^1

So, very good chapter overall, although for some reason your style seemed different from the rest; probably because I've been reading Legendary-centric shipping stories all this time I was waiting for this chapter to come out.^2

Letal's "relationship" with her father is kinda scary…can't wait to see how she turns out.^3 Letal's just caught my attention since Ruxido, she's another favorite. I like how she isn't shiny; it adds realism to her character as well as to Mark's, because it seems unlikely that he would catch a shiny so quickly. Not to mention, she's just aweshome. (Yeah, that "h" was intentional.)

I love the overall story, to compress my total opinion of this fic into one sentence.^4

Fallen over and out~

^1: I love Alan; he's always the voice of reason. Then he bickers with May.

^2: Yeah, no wonder your style shocked me.


^4: I'm neither active enough nor free enough to review forty-one chapters.

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