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06/24/2008: About Chapter 42's Progress

Okay, I feel I owe you an explanation, seeing as I had promised to get chapter 42 up by the nineteenth.

Basically, I've been spending all my time on getting the Cave of Dragonflies forums back up and in shape. I'm almost done with this; right now it's pretty much just making a few images, re-adding a hack, creating the important threads, and finally remaking all the styles. This has unfortunately taken away from the time I've had to write chapter 42. I mean it when I say that it's close to being done; I'm writing pretty much the final scene of the chapter.

I'd have given you a preview, but looking over the chapter, there isn't really anything in it that's both interesting in some sense and does not spoil the whole point of reading the chapter, so you'll just have to wait. I'll probably get it (and the forums) up tomorrow. Sorry about the delay.


Blaziking (06/24/2008 13:25:28)
Tomorrow? Hooray! Can't wait.
Eternal (06/24/2008 19:42:44)
I kinda figured the forums had something to do with it. Good luck getting those back up though.

Considering 42's one of those shorter chapters, I can see it not being good for a preview too.

Again, good luck.

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