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01/04/2022: Chapter 41/42 illustrations

Feel like 42 in particular is pretty wonky because I was just dead tired working on it and had no energy to really tinker with May and Alan.


Negrek (01/06/2022 09:57:41)
It's wild. For some reason I thought this chapter with Mitch came in the 50s, so I was surprised to see it here already. I thought you did a nice job with him. Not looking forward to how the poor guy'll look when Mark visits him next…

I love Lapras' expression in the 42 art. So much "why do I have to deal with this" energy. In general, I think you did a great job of capturing that maximally uncomfortable feeling of kind of awkwardly standing around, wishing you could escape, while people around you have an awful argument about you. "Poor Lapras," 2021, colorized.

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