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12/26/2021: Chapter 39/40 illustrations

I'm not really suuuper happy with either of these overall but oh well.


Negrek (12/26/2021 03:17:30)
Chapter 39 marks the halfway point of the project, doesn't it? Congrats on making it halfway there! I expect the second half will be easier on you than the first, if only because you have fewer RP commitments to worry about, heh. On the other hand, many more legendary battles to draw…

It's wild to see how much you've already improved since the start of the project, most notably in terms of composition! And how much you like firelight/dim scenes with warm lighting; I feel like I hadn't really seen you do any of those prior to this project, and now I've seen you do a lot, heh.

I think my favorite of the chapter illustrations from the first half of the project is the Spirit illustration for Chapter 31!

For this batch: it feels appropriate that the halfway point of the story features a big group scene! Kudos for getting all those characters in there; they're easy to see even at small size. This is one that feels like it has a bit too much empty space to me, though.

I quite like Letal's expression in the Chapter 40 art! Looking forward to seeing a lot of Tyranitar in the future (up until we suddenly don't, oop).

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