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12/01/2021: Chapter 30-34 illustrations

Keep forgetting to actually post here, welp.

Wish I'd chosen a wider shot for the chapter 33 art, in hindsight. Also Thunderyu looks wonky and I gave up trying to figure out how to fix it.


Negrek (12/04/2021 14:09:04)
Lots of art!

Not sure how I managed to miss that Sparky goes in for short shorts. Good grief. I don't think of Ouen being particularly warm, either. I like the color palette on this one. Kind of gives me a public pool ambience.

tbh 31 is probably my favorite cover art so far. Lovely colors, and the gentle highlights and shading on the fur give it a wonderful amount of volume. All around this one is just pleasing to look at.

Thirty-two is a fun one! I like Scyther's very serious silly expression. The windows in the background are interesting… Didn't think of the arena as one where people would be watching from outside.

I had been looking forward to 33 and our first legendary battle! I foresee a lot of multi-pokémon action shots in your future. Maybe not a lot of fun for you, but I always enjoy the spectacle! Really like what you've done with the lighting effects here and the way the lightning shows through Butterfree and Thunderyu's wings. I'm not sure what you mean about Thunderyu looking wonky, necessarily, but he does appear small, like a little smaller than the charizard, which I think is incorrect? Would probably need to change up the composition a bit to give a better sense of his size if so. Also, Dragonair's placement makes it look as though he's Thunderyu's ally rather than fighting against him.

No dead/dying manectric for 34?! Very surprised you passed that up. Another nice firelit scene. May and the trapinch look great here.

Real nice batch here overall!

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