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04/13/2008: Writer's Block

“Okay,” said May and stopped, “let’s train here around the lake. Screw the wild Pokémon; our Pokémon will learn a lot more battling one another.”

Mark shrugged and they walked together off the path to the great lake.

“What levels are your Pokémon again, Mark?” May asked.

“Uh, fifty or so?” He shrugged.

“Right. I think we’d accomplish the most by training specific skills instead of just randomly battling one another. Send them out.”

Mark plucked the six Pokéballs from his belt and threw them loosely forward. Charizard, Jolteon, Sandslash, Dragonair, Scyther and Letal emerged in flashes of white light. May looked thoughtfully at them. “What level are Dragonair and Letal exactly?” she finally asked.

Mark reached for his Pokédex and pointed it at them in turn. “Dragonair’s level 51, Letal’s 49.”

She nodded thoughtfully. “Okay, they probably won’t evolve just yet. Let’s forget about doing that before the Gym for now and focus on some techniques.”

And then I stopped. Or rather, the last three paragraphs of that are the only thing I've written in the past two months.

In other words, serious blockage going on here. I was going to ask you guys for some motivation and ideas for the training scene, but just typing up the blog post made me get tons of ideas and I don't really like to steal ideas from readers, so just, uh, thank you for existing and making me start making this post? Sorry about the long wait. I should have done this sooner.

It also made me go ahead and put up D/P movesets for the the Leta line and the Dragons of Ouen. Finally you get to know why Letal's been using Slash and Take Down in recent chapters.


bigguy99 (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
@_@ Wait, so you're having writers block which led to making this blog which then led you to get ideas, defeating the entire purpose of the post. Confusing.
Butterfree (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
Yes. And the point of making this post anyway was just to reassure you that I'm not dead, excuse my slowness and tell you that I think I'm over that block.
Mudskipper (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
Thanks for updating, I was all like "Oh teh noes how am I going to live?!?!" But it's great that you're (hopefully) over this block by posting a message to all your fans out there. It makes us feel really special for existing. Happy writing!
jokey23 (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
I hope it's up soon. I've been waiting eagerly for months.
Espeon (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
Leta's grown awfully fast… she evolved in chapter 31 and doesn't strike me as a pokemon who would want to postpone her evolution for long, so that's about twenty levels in nine chapters, while it seems Dragonair battles more often and has grown about the same amount in about twice that time.

I like May just assuming that the two want to evolve now, though.
Zora the Terminian (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
Wow. That entry confused me. Confusion confusion confusion. But it's nice to know you're at least trying. I honestly can't wait to read it.

…Wow, I forgot about this thing for two months? Dayamn.
Automatistic (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
"Butterfree used Confusion!" Lol.

I'm so eager to read the next chapter! =D And, about the not-updating-for-ages thing, at least you update the main site. =) (I do that too! XD)
Happypants3 (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
lol wut

Well, least we've inadvertently assisted you with your fic, so all this confusion was worth it x3 Can't wait for you to finish!
kingcliff9 (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
The new chapter of Morphic meant that the waiting has had a purpose. :>
Butterfree (04/13/2008 23:00:00)
Leta has grown fast, yes, but that has its reasons. First, of course, lower-leveled Pokémon grow faster, so the same experience gap makes a greater level difference at lower levels than higher ones. Secondly, Dragonair may have evolved in chapter eighteen, but the period between his evolution and Leta's is considerably less action-packed than the period since Leta's evolution - Dragonair only took part in two 'on-screen' battles before Leta's evolution (the Gym battle in Aquarium City in which he evolved, and the Attack Approval battle), and that wouldn't make very much of an experience difference for him now that he's much higher-leveled. Thirdly, Mark would use Letal a lot more than Dragonair in all the 'off-screen' wild Pokémon battles I haven't been showing you, precisely because Letal is at a lower level; he'd want her on level with his team. The primary reason Letal is two levels lower than Dragonair now is that she didn't take part in the Carl and Volcaryu battles. (As a matter of fact, before that point, Dragonair and Letal had taken part in exactly equally many battles since Letal's evolution; I counted.)

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