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07/06/2019: Responsivity

Better late than never, all three active styles here on the minipage are now responsive, meaning they now work nicely on mobile devices without zooming. Hopefully, this'll make it easier for you all to read commentaries on your phones, if you prefer!


Chibi (07/07/2019 09:09:33)
:O !!! Yes good. I like reading the commentary while at work
Altissimo (07/07/2019 11:12:46)
Er… It completely broke it on my end. It was actually perfect before but now everything is misaligned to hell and back. I use Android Moto z3
Altissimo (07/07/2019 11:15:54) here
Butterfree (07/07/2019 12:12:21)
Your browser's loading the old cached stylesheet and using that with the new HTML containing a viewport meta tag that assumes you're using the new stylesheet. (Did you know the fact that in order to make a site responsive you need to insert a special HTML tag, even though whether the site is actually responsive depends entirely on the stylesheets applied to it. The only sensible way for this to work would be to have the stylesheet itself define what viewport widths it supports, which would have neatly avoided this problem, but no, Apple made up a goddamn meta tag that it expects you to stick in the HTML, because what is separation of presentation and structure. I hate the viewport meta tag with the passion of a thousand suns.)

Does your mobile browser have a hard refresh function? I know iOS Safari does not for some inane reason, and I either have to clear the cache manually or just wait for it to uncache Thunderyu style. (I just switched to Polaryu, which it didn't have cached; if you can't hard refresh, you can do the same.)
Altissimo (07/07/2019 15:58:13)
Right, switched to Polaryu myself and it worked. Thanks!!!

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