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06/24/2019: Commentary: chapters 61 and 62

Chapter 61: Mewtwo (commentary)
Chapter 62: Diplomacy (commentary)

In this week's chapters, Mark has no idea what Scyther is even talking about but is happy for him anyway, they meet Mewtwo thanks to that one disgruntled reader from 2005, we get some more actual plot hints and finally talk about Chalenor a little bit, Mark figures things out while Chaletwo is firmly in denial, Mewtwo recommends diplomacy, and the next legendary battle goes delightfully off the rails as Mark does attempt diplomacy and gets himself injured.


CarmineKnight (SilverLatios) (06/25/2019 03:21:10)
Yay! I ended up rereading the next handful of chapters from anticipation… And geeking more to my partner who hasn't read the fic yet. Some of it involved definitely taking note this time around how adorable Weavile and Floatzel are together. They're the real ship to root for in this fic. ;P I was getting a little emotional again about how long this fic has been in my life since I saw the birthday post(And that wonderful art of the final scene!!), and would honestly like to take another crack at maybe doing some fanart of them if I can summon the energy. (It's been ten whole years since I submitted an awful old Letaligon art here?! What?!)

Another thing that stuck out here is I do think you captured that grown-up anime Mewtwo here, wise and more humble and thoughtful than the other more selfish legendaries. He stands out among everyone else's insanity. I think you did him justice.
Happy (06/25/2019 15:47:03)
@carmineknight "I think you did [mewtwo] justice"
Somewhere in the distance, the mewtwo fanboy is sated, his duty done. With a knowing smile, he fades away.
Altissimo (06/25/2019 18:30:21)
;-;7 semper fi mewtwo man

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