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06/10/2019: Commentary: chapters 58 and 59

Chapter 58: Sins of the Mother
Chapter 59: December

The next couple of chapters are up, featuring Letaligon's resolution (or lack thereof), paternity revelations and Mark's efforts to help his Pokémon be happy, geeky Pokédex functions, a type reveal, a distorted legend, Alan being incredibly awkward, and setup for chapter 60.


RandomReader (06/10/2019 19:52:16)
About Letaligon society: Is every single herd of them like that (with shiny supremacy and so on), or is it just one or a few herds with those customs? I've been looking, but unless I missed something, I haven't been able to find an answer (although there was one for the Code and Scyther swarms in this fic). I would be interested in knowing the answer.
Butterfree (06/10/2019 22:13:47)
Yeah, this is how Letaligon society works in general (although there are probably some herds out there that have rejected this).

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