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05/05/2019: Commentary: chapter 53

Chapter 53: Away (commentary)

This week: the big one! The story's biggest twist and its aftermath happen as Mark and May grapple with emotions they're not sure how to deal with.


Altissimo (05/05/2019 19:21:45)
I'm so mad

but i have to admit
"Love is important, but it's also scary. Despite May's realization, she's still fearful of the essence of true love, in a way that Mark isn't, because he's a boy."

this was so stupid it was hilarious gg
Chibi (05/05/2019 19:29:20)
how could you do this to me
QualityPiplups (05/06/2019 16:16:33)
I was praying you would review this beautiful chapter "seriously" and I was not disappointed.
Except now I want all legendaries being aro to be actually cannon.
Butterfree (05/06/2019 16:26:54)
Basically all legendaries being aroace is actually canon! In this universe they're one-of-a-kind and don't reproduce. Color Dragons are the one lone exception. (And the ones alive now are all siblings, so…)
Negrek (05/06/2019 18:12:44)
Will always hate this chapter for managing to sink Mabin AND Taylan in one go. Seriously, why does Alan get left out of everything???
Butterfree (05/06/2019 18:24:11)
Alas, it is Alan's destiny to be forever alone.
CarmineKnight (SilverLatios) (05/08/2019 13:49:10)
I verbally exclaimed and had a good laugh when I realized this was for the joke version of the chapter.
RandomReader (05/09/2019 21:36:18)
Does the Cosmog evolutionary line exist in this universe and if so, are they considered legendary? Because they actually evolve, which might make it weird for them to be one of a kind.
Butterfree (05/09/2019 22:40:43)
In this universe Ultra Beasts do not count as legendaries, and though Cosmog is not technically officially classed as an Ultra Beast, it does seem to pretty much be one lore-wise, so I'm inclined to say it counts as one for the purposes of the fic. (Which is to say, they are mortal and not affected by the Destroyer's power drain or the War.)
Happy (05/11/2019 18:36:11)
Stop I finally caught up on the commentary updates in anticipation of reading taylor die this week

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