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04/07/2019: Commentary: chapter 49

The Ouen League - Chapter 49: The Rage of a Scyther (commentary)

In today's chapter of The Quest for the Legends, I try to convince you it makes sense for Mark to qualify to the knockout phase of the League, Letaligon is desperate for validation, Mark spends a long time thinking about what moves all his Pokémon can learn before experiencing a sudden swerve in his feelings towards his parents, we get by far the laziest League battle wherein super-effective moves are spammed back and forth and Mark somehow forgets it is raining because I'd forgotten, and this chapter's fun familiar-trainer-from-earlier-in-the-fic cameo turns out to be the guy Scyther nearly murdered who is still suffering PTSD, bet you didn't expect to see THAT come back here.


Altissimo (04/07/2019 22:32:06)
I always felt so bad for poor Michael in that last scene :( it's obvious he's matured and grown to better understand his Pokemon in the three years since Nightmare but that isn't enough to stop Scyther and it's just heartbreaking how this fucks him up.

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