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04/01/2019: Commentary: chapter 48

The Ouen League - Chapter 48: The Second Preliminary

In this week's episode of The Quest for the Legends, Mark has two separate scares about Charizard, May lectures him on all the mistakes he made in his previous battle, we learn how Pokérus works, a mix-up leads to Letal fighting on a Flying arena, there is an über-Lunatone, and Letal ends up kicking some ass anyway once Mark chooses to believe in her.


Altissimo (04/01/2019 06:50:13)
Always liked this chapter precisely because of the Letal-Letaligon matchup. Except I had it in my head that she evolves while hanging off a platform and struggling to get back up, which almost seems to make more sense as an evolution trigger than running around frantically. Either way I'm glad she evolved, always was. It was something I was genuinely scared about back then knowing your writing tendencies lol
Altissimo (04/01/2019 08:07:17)
Oh, and I liked "him and Letal" after she evolves! It feels like a slip-up on Mark's part, like he still isn't accustomed to the thought that she did finally evolve - and as you said he kind of expected she wouldn't, so that actually works out really well.
Chibi (04/02/2019 00:09:25)
Man, it's really a shame that my first time reading the League arc involved blitzing all the chapters to get to 53. The battles are really good! I'm upset that I didn't properly appreciate them the first time around!

For example, I love the Letal fight! The whole battle used a lot of unique strategy with unexpected twists and the evolution itself was of course the crowning moment of awesome. You did a good job making it feel believable that she managed to stay in the fight that long, too.

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