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03/03/2019: Commentary: chapters 41 and 42

Chapter 41: Return to Scorpio City (commentary)
Chapter 42: Splitting Up (commentary)

Two shorter-ish chapters today, wherein Mark gets chewed out for letting Letal nearly get herself killed, I bungle my own region's route numbers, Mark and May get mutually defensive about accusations of Pokémon mistreatment, I worry everyone will figure out the entire plot based on one mention of somebody's eye color, Molzapart and Chaletwo bicker some more, and everyone feels bad.
Commenting on: chapter 55


Chibi (03/03/2019 20:42:55)
Eventually, however, he managed to sink himself into the book – it was a cheesy novel about legendaries and destinies
it was LC
(Mark felt oddly cheered up when the main characters succeeded in saving the world at the end.)
wait no

Ok, it's interesting that you bring up the Agreement in more detail here because I have a Story to finally share. So for the longest time, the Extra where you outlined the Ten Agreements was the only piece of QftL content I had never read. The reason for this was because I had noticed that I tend to basically headcanon the same things for the Pokemon world as you. And reading this fic, well, tends to involve a lot of "headcanon accepted" moments. And I had the vague notion that I wanted to write some sort of Extra that explained the rules for Pokemon-human interactions in my fic. But I realized that if I ever read the Agreement, then I would absorb it into my headcanon and then never be able to think up my own original idea. So I therefore decided to refrain from looking at it forever. Or at least until I wrote my own and then could be sure that I wouldn't be subconsciously influenced.

[insert the John Mulaney "And then I didn't" meme]

If this sounds like the awkward ridiculousness of teenage Chibi, that's because it is. :P Eventually the Agreement got expanded more in the fic itself, so hiding from the Extra was rendered pointless. Thus, the Pokemon training laws are like in LC are basically just, "idk something similar to qftl let's talk about something else."

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