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02/03/2019: Commentary: chapter 37

Chapter 37: Carl (commentary)

In the fic's longest chapter ever, the power dynamic between Mark and Chaletwo makes itself clear, Carl punts Pupitar into molten lava, Mark and Alan have a really long battle, I get some actual volcanic accuracy points, Charizard gets Attracted again, and Carl locks Mark in his house with him.
Commenting on: chapter 68


Chibi (02/04/2019 01:42:38)
“Only one way to find out,” Carl said, walked straight up to the blue cocoon Pokémon near the edge of the rock they were standing on and pushed him roughly over with his foot so that Pupitar tumbled down towards the red flow of the magma below.
"……..caaaaarrrrrrrrl that kills pokemon!"
"Oh. I did not know that."
"How could you not know that carl?!"

I've been sitting on that reference for the past four chapters

Ha. I can't remember anymore what episode this was or how it played out, but it sounds familiar. I like that Mark'd think of something like that.
Why, it was the riceball donut episode of course! I remember it vividly because the anime made Rage look really cool and badass and I found excuses to shove Rage into every LC revision that I could. This despite the fact that I knew it was garbage because it made 10-year-old me literally cry when my poisoned Charmeleon wouldn't stop using Rage and slowly dying horribly in Red Version. :T
Altissimo (02/04/2019 20:06:37)
tbh as dumb as this may sound I kind of like Carl being a sexist ass, it seems to fit his callous character and kind of gives him a sort of depth, sure it may be one that we could probably use a lot less of in fiction but I think the important part is May taking offense to it universe, thus it's not really treated as "okay", it's just This One Dude's Weird Shit and not anything more, if that makes sense

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