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02/11/2008: What Pokémon Are They?

So I just finished the new What Pokémon Are You? quiz for The Cave of Dragonflies, and thought it would be nice to test it out by taking it in the role of various characters from the fic (adapted to the actual Pokémon world, of course).

Okay, first the obvious ones…


Heehee. Not bad. Although technically Shellder would have suited him very nicely, too. Or Teddiursa.


Haha. Oh, yes. That's absolutely her.


It's him, all right.


Hmm. This isn't really right. I'd say he's more of a Gardevoir, personally. Or maybe even Ralts

And some other more minor characters I randomly want to try this with…


Oh, dear, this is way wrong. But then I took it again for Mew, and he got Cubone, which is a much, much better description:


Well, it's more suited to him than to Chaletwo… although he's more of a Gardevoir in my mind.

Hmm. *edits test to give fewer Porygon/Slowpoke/etc. results* This will work better, I think.


Ahaha. Not too far off.


Hmm, not quite. But there isn't really any result that matches him very well, now that I think about it.

(This will be fun)

Teehee. He loves that "Forty-two" option in question eight.


This fits him pretty nicely.

Aaaand now for the spin-offs…


Probably the best result for him.

Nightmare (pre-capture)

Her, 100%.


Ahaha. XD Funnily enough, it does kind of fit him, at least in the interval years while Mew was with Rick.


It fits him well, but the thought of him as a Togetic is still hilarious.


I guess it suits him pretty well, BUT…

…I was thinking of him when I made this. I can't seem to be able to make him get it as a result for him, though. Mostly the questions just aren't suitable enough.


Togetic too? Not sure I can really agree with that… I tweaked some options and got Charizard, but then again that description doesn't sound very much like her either even though the actual personality traits that define Charizard in the script pretty much nail her down.

Yeah, I'll stop now.


Jade Dragonair (02/11/2008 00:00:00)
Um…Wow @.@ Sparky has the same test result as me, and he's the only one…Wierd. But I'm more like a Scyther, and Alakazam, and Magikarp, and Weavile, and Ninetales, and Slowpoke, and Natu, and Primeape, and Gardevoir, and Ralts, and Shellder. @.@ Wow lots of me.
Zora of Termina (02/11/2008 00:00:00)
I got Mew. :D
EeveeSkitty (02/11/2008 00:00:00)
Hah. I, too, am highly fond of the "forty-two" and "Pastafarian" options. Way to throw us hitchhikers and FSM-worshipers a bone. ;) Now I want to make some real progress so that I can do this for my characters. Seems like fun.

For the curious, I turned out as a Spinda twice, then retested and got a Butterfree. Turned out as a Slowking when I gave my "secondary" choices for answers.
bigguy99 (02/11/2008 00:00:00)
>_> So me and Rob both got Magikarp? Well that's just awesome. >_< We got to see some of the 36 possible results at least, right?
KamikoRemu (02/11/2008 00:00:00)
I didn't match up to any of them. xD I can picture Rob as a Magikarp, though- drinking beer, then going after the Cu-mew. Fun. =3

Now you've inspired me to do this with my characters.
Kitsune (08/14/2008 19:06:59)
I'm a Slowking! X3 I retested and got Ninetails, but I think Slowking fits me more. Then I found all 36 results, proving I have no life.
darthjarjar (09/01/2008 20:06:36)
yay first post! o happy joy me and rick got the same thing
Ana (03/19/2009 15:33:35)
I got a Ninetales, same as Razor, but I think I'm a lot more like a Weavile.
What that says about me as a person?
No clue.

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