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12/16/2018: Commentary: chapter 28

Chapter 28: Scyther's Revenge (commentary)

On this week's Quest for the Legends commentary: the lost chapter between chapters 27 and 28 including the fic's original first legendary capture attempt, Mark's developing psychic powers, a perfectly serviceable terse paragraph about Hitmonchan replaced by a way worse one, a murder attempt featuring Scyther being especially poorly written, and lengthy musings on whether there weren't much better ways to torture and murder this teenager. (So, uh, content warning on that, I guess.)

I'm way ahead on the commentary by now, as you can see in my signature - I just can't seem to stop. There's enough words of actual commentary for chapters 28 and 29 that I'm releasing them separately to avoid overwhelming you guys, but 30 and 31 will probably be released together on the 30th.
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CarmineKnight (SilverLatios) (12/18/2018 10:01:40)
I'd be sad to see Fury gone - he always felt like just that extra bit of flavor and grounding exploring Pokemon as real characters in this world, and I loved hearing about what he wrote as well. Even as a minor character, he made the world feel more fleshed out and lived in to me, and played to the strengths that originally made me fall in love with TQftL.
Butterfree (12/18/2018 17:59:12)
Yeah, I think I agree. Stuff like Fury is a part of what makes the fic what it is. I'd really want to give some thought to integrating him better, though.

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