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11/25/2018: Commentary: chapter 25

The Pokémon Festival - May 25th: Chaletwo's Arrival

It's time! In this chapter, Sandslash tells Mark how great he is for sending his Pokémon out to talk to them in the same breath as he complains about how Mark never lets them out of their balls, I lament the loss of the Chaletwo merchandise, I try to pretend writing extensively about pain is absolutely not a thing I'd do, Mark tries to argue with Chaletwo about whether he's dead, and the epic plot is revealed at last… when the legendaries can stop bickering for five minutes to tell us about it.

This is a fun one! A bunch of plot stuff and how it changed over the years, plus just the ridiculousness that is this chapter in general.
Commenting on: chapter 55


Altissimo (11/25/2018 16:47:10)
Always great to hear more lore on this.

By the way, as a veteran of only ILCOE, I think it'd be useful in the next revision to bring back Chaletwo talking about how the humans were resurrected after the last War, etc. For a long time I had it in my head that the War of the Legends was this absolute world ending event where all human civilization and progress basically gets erased because of the legends' rampage, basically forcing a fresh reboot of literally everything every time. Then I think I asked you about it once and you were like "oh no everyone got resurrected if they were able, it didn't really mess up anything permanently" or something and this just completely contrasted what I took away from the fic lol.

Also re: Chaletwo not making the other legendaries suspicious by Murdering Children - what do you think would be a way to avoid that in the future? I know this relates back to the time I asked before "what will Chaletwo do if note murder kids at the festival" that you said you would have to spend more time to work out, but any musings at least are always fun to hear. Alternatively, in THIS version, how might Chaletwo have deflected hypothetical suspicions?
MF (11/25/2018 19:57:51)
I believe I've said this already but I must reiterate: where is my chaletwo funko pop
Embers (11/26/2018 15:36:55)
Yea…this had so much potential for Mark.. you know, actually growing into a good trainer pre-Chaletwo, only for it not to happen… He starts out as this ignorant kid who.. tries, but messes up out of his ignorance and excitment, but he slowly gets over that, and grows as a trainer, and ends up learning from those mistakes… only for the plot to hit somehow.

I really want that rewrite now, since it.. has so much potential as a proper thing, but that needs a lot more planning for reasons this commentary covers nicely.

I think I just accepted Mark was a good caring trainer back then, because you said so. (and he was obviously better then May in that sense). How much nobody notices back then that's obvious now.

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