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02/01/2008: Chapter 39 coming along...

Chapter 39 is in progress, a full five pages in at the moment. This could end up being one of my fastest chapters for… a couple of years. Unless I hit some severe writer's block at the end of it or something. Of course, it's fairly easy to write, being nearly 100% conversation, battle-less, and so plotty that I'm as interested as I could be. The only problem is remembering all the information that I was going to cram into this chapter. Wow, I look forward to getting this thing out. It's going to spark so much speculation and questions. :D

Okay, fine, you get a preview of the beginning. Before it gets plotty, of course. As always, unproofread.

Route 315 was painfully long.

There was no upwards hiking for a change, which did make it a bit more bearable – in fact, it all seemed to be a little bit downhill if anything – but it was just so darned boring. They were grassy plains after grassy plains with absolutely no variation in the landscape beyond the occasional stream or pond with maybe a couple of trees beside them. And it was just so long. There was the occasional wild Pokémon to keep them occupied, sure – they let the Pokémon that hadn’t taken part in the Volcaryu battle fight them – but nothing interesting enough to really liven it up to any degree, and either because of the sheer distance to Acaria City or because they stopped too frequently for too long, the sun had travelled all the way over the horizon and sank behind Mount Fever before Acaria City was much more than a tempting field of shimmering lights in the far distance.

“We should camp,” Alan said and sighed, stopping on the road as they came to a couple of stray trees. “We won’t get there before tomorrow. No use walking on in the dark.”

They had brought out the Revives, Burn Heals and Hyper Potions early on to heal the Pokémon that had battled Volcaryu and gotten them into decent shape for the most part, so they could send out all of the Pokémon except Lapras and Gyarados. Mark was privately rather relieved that he didn’t have to send out Gyarados, and May seemed rather relieved that she didn’t have to send out Lapras. Their problems with the two Water Pokémon were perhaps more similar than Mark had realized; the main difference was that Mark had a problem with something Gyarados had done while Lapras had a problem with something May had done.

After coming to the quick conclusion that they weren’t going to be finding any firewood there, they got Diamond and the two Charizard to take on the role of a campfire. Then they sat down in a circle so that the distance between the three Fire Pokémon was approximately equal, and although it felt remarkably odd at first to sit in silence around a pile of backpacks with the firelight coming from the circle itself, Mark found himself to be quick to get used to it.
Zomg campfire.

EDIT: Chapter finished at six and a half pages! Again, I'll proofread and put it up tomorrow.


Jeck (02/01/2008 00:00:00)
Best. Campfire. Ever.
Amon (02/01/2008 00:00:00)
…. A pokemon campfire? Ooh I'm wanting to read chapter 39 even more now. =)
Butterfree (02/01/2008 00:00:00)
You do realize it's up already, right?

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