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06/20/2016: Fourteen Years

As of today (uh, by which I mean the nineteenth, that's totally today, shut up), The Quest for the Legends is fourteen years old. I've been writing it for well over half of my life now, of course.

I wanted to post the Waraider-themed extra today, but it's not looking like that's going to happen; I'm on vacation in America right now and we've been having too much fun to leave me with significant writing time. Coming soon.

I'm still hoping to finish posting the fic before the fifteenth anniversary! It's like two months a chapter from this point, and with the Habitica boost to my speed I can probably make that. Fingers crossed.
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Rindstone (06/21/2016 00:44:14)
Happy birthday TQftL! I'm looking forward to the Waraider extra.

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