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02/26/2016: Chapter 67 up

Chapter 67: Friends is up, as promised. This is probably the most A-to-B-ish of these chapters - an awful lot of it just feels like setup for 68 - but hey, it's not long to wait.
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likeafinalboss (02/26/2016 02:00:55)
Awesome chapter! Looks like all the Charizard are gonna appear together in the next one. And something tells me Mark and Ryan are gonna geek out over legendaries at some point. ^.^
Rindstone (02/26/2016 04:03:08)
Yay! I don't like it very much, but at least there's a chapter. I checked if there was a chapter at least 15 times today. Why are a lot of things I type unrelated to each other?

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