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02/18/2016: Chapter 66 up

Chapter 66: Doubts is finally up.

Chapters 67, 68 and 69 have also been completed; they will be posted on the following three Thursdays. Thus, chapter 67 will be posted on February 25th, chapter 68 will be posted on March 3rd, and chapter 69 will be posted on March 10th.

I also updated Alan's character bio (contains spoilers for chapter 66), because did you know Alan has all of the issues.
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Spencer (02/19/2016 02:10:37)
I'm liking where this is going :) I have some ideas bouncing around my head about what will happen, but I have no idea, and it's very intriguing!
Rindstone (02/19/2016 02:21:17)
YAY! I'm looking forward to the next chapters.
Spencer (02/26/2016 00:53:11)
I was saddened to see no update today :( but happy to know you're working on other stuff too
SilverLatios47 (02/27/2016 20:09:07)
I am so excited to read again ahhh!
It's been so long I am gonna re-read everything haha.

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