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12/23/2015: Progress Update

Like I said in my last update, I've been doing most of my rambling on the progress of TQftL on Tumblr lately, so for those of you who aren't following that, here's an update on how it's going.

As I've explained before, I'm editing chapters 66-69 at the same time for various reasons. I'm pretty much entirely done with 66 unless I make some last-minute decisions, have made the major additions I needed to make to chapters 67, 68 and 69, and am in the process of smoothing them out better and deciding what to do about a couple of scenes in chapter 67. Once I've finished all these chapters, I'll be posting all four chapters on a schedule.

My speed has been picking up quite a bit recently because I've been doing a thing where I work on the fic for at least half an hour daily. This has been helping me a lot - I've had problems with not writing anything for long stretches of time, or rereading but then wandering off to do something else before I manage to make any actual progress, and half an hour is just enough to get me past that threshold into doing some useful work (I'm allowed to write for more than half an hour, of course, if I have time and energy). Moreover, by doing it every day, I can keep up my general train of thought a lot better than when I leave it for weeks and then come back to it - I remember what I was thinking the day before and it's easy to come back to it. So, if you write, I highly recommend doing this. It's a lot of the helpful things about NaNo without the pressure to churn out words regardless of sense. (Not to knock NaNo, mind you; just getting the words down somehow is a great thing, too.)

So, it's been a while, but as usual, the story is far from dead, and in fact, I expect it to be picking up the pace from here on.
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Spencer (12/28/2015 19:38:11)
SilverLatios47 (01/02/2016 08:16:14)
Excitement. You're so close.. I'm gonna binge read the whole thing in anticipation. Been a fan of TQftL for way too many years and the end is nearly in sight… I'd feel more bittersweet, but it's been so long without anything new that I really just can't wait to read more!

I saw some of the Tumblr rambling, and think I should try the half-hour-daily as well.
Eternal (01/04/2016 21:31:47)
Good to know you're making a lot of progress. I kept up with it for years, so it will be nice to finally get closer to the conclusion.

That said, I think I'll try your half-hour writing thing for my own story. It's like Tqftl in the sense I made it up years ago before I knew anything about writing..I think I got most of it smoothed out now, so it's mainly being motivated enough to do a proper draft. =/
Saital of tirips (02/11/2016 22:52:44)
I got a Latias for the spam verification. How ironic. I really need to stop.

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