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05/13/2015: Chapter 65 up

Chapter 65: Three Dragons

Oh, look, it's a chapter.

You can read all about the sordid tale of why this chapter took so long on my Tumblr, which, uh, may be a better place to hear about QftL progress these days than the Quest Blog. I'm not going to try to convince you it's worth the wait - I don't think it is - but at least now I can write some other chapters! That won't take as long!

I'm still planning to finish chapters 66-69 in one batch and then post them on a schedule after they're all done, so don't expect 66 too soon, but still definitely sooner than these past two. There is no excuse for the past two.
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SilverLatios47 (05/14/2015 01:00:44)
Whoah! Boy am I glad I decided to check the blog today!
Eifie (05/18/2015 01:09:43)
Someone asked about a TQftL e-book on your tumblr, and I don't feel like resurrecting my old dead tumblr to reply, but maybe you could tell them that there are tools that can automatically convert stories on into .epub or .mobi files, I forget which (not that you can't convert between them, anyway). I remember using one to get TQftL on my Kindle to reread a few years ago.

(Apparently I accidentally posted this on the actual chapter 65 page instead of here… awks.)
charrrrr (10/21/2015 03:37:10)
Please oh please oh please post more chapters soon…
Danny (12/22/2015 19:37:08)
Love it! Please post more chapters soon!
Butterfree (12/23/2015 15:29:58)
I'm working on chapters 66-69 simultaneously right now because I might want to rearrange some of the material in them, which means it's taking a while, but once I'm done I'll probably post all four of these chapters with a week or so in between. So, there won't be more quite yet, but there'll be plenty of material when it does come!

Actually, I should probably write about my progress more on the Quest Blog. I've been mostly using my Tumblr for it.

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