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05/14/2014: Chapter 64 up

It's here, at long last.

If you have no idea what's going on in this fic anymore, you might want to wait a bit while I finish posting the chapter elsewhere and then update the plot recap page - I would have done that first, but you've all been waiting long enough already. I'll update this post when it's done.

Person who tried to contact me about having your account deleted a short while back, I'm sorry I lost your IM before I could respond. If you see this (and I apologize for you getting another e-mail notification about some Pokémon fanfic you don't care about), can you e-mail me from the address you're registered as (so I can be sure it's actually you)?

[Reposting because of technical issues.]

[EDIT: The Plot Recap page has been updated.]
Commenting on: chapter 14


Altissimo (05/14/2014 03:27:02)
What was the sentence giving you trouble?
Altissimo (05/14/2014 03:36:35)
Oh, also: "“You okay in the cold, Skarmory?” she asked as he took off. She knew the answer, really – his Steel typing would offset the Flying-type weakness much like the Fire-type did for Charizard – but it seemed right to ask."
Butterfree (05/14/2014 03:40:22)
Are you seeing a typo there? Because I'm not. o.o

The sentence ended up as the three sentence fragments "(Not done with Robin. Or Chaletwo. Or Tyranitar.)" I still think there is probably a better sentence I can put there, but I eventually decided it was good enough.
Altissimo (05/14/2014 04:45:59)
It's not a typo. But I think the sentence is supposed to be saying that his Steel type would offset his Ice weakness, not Flying.
Butterfree (05/14/2014 05:25:45)
It's not as in a weakness to Flying, but as in the weakness of the Flying-type (to Ice).
Thomas (05/14/2014 14:02:14)
I'M BACK!!! REMEMBER ME!? That annoying guy who is such an idiot? I'M BACK!!!
PandAlex (05/15/2014 02:44:47)
""You didn't almost lose pretty badly," May said."

Is that a typo? Robin did actually lose, rather than almost losing.
Butterfree (05/15/2014 03:20:33)
""You didn't almost lose pretty badly," May said."

Is that a typo? Robin did actually lose, rather than almost losing.
When Robin originally asked the question, she said, "I did lose, and almost pretty badly at that, so I get it if you weren't that impressed." She's there referring to the fact that she nearly lost 2-0 (she had only Charizard left while May had Tyranitar and Floatzel, but then her Charizard managed to take Tyranitar down, despite the huge type disadvantage, and ultimately put a dent in Floatzel as well).

May is responding to that statement, saying no, that wasn't almost a pretty bad loss, that was almost a win. It's kind of a glass-half-empty situation - Robin feels she only barely scraped her way to a respectable 1-0, whereas May feels Robin was dangerously close to beating her.
MaxMaxHolly (12/04/2014 15:47:53)
God this is such a good chapter. May is way more fucked up than I thought. Hopefully the next chapter is up soon.
Chirrio (07/04/2015 01:51:25)
Just wondering this works

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