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12/03/2013: Testing

This is not really a proper post. I'm still working on chapter 64, but it's pretty much in the same place as last time. I'm just trying to see if the last updated date on TCoD will update correctly when I post this - it wasn't before but I think I fixed the issue now. Sorry if you were hoping for something more substantial.
Commenting on: chapter 14


Keldabe (12/12/2013 10:20:32)
XD I will probably wait forever if that's what it takes to finally see the end of this series, its just that entertaining hope everything is going ok with that chapter 64
Butterfree (12/16/2013 23:15:38)
This is a test reply.
Butterfree (12/16/2013 23:26:00)
Another test reply.
Butterfree (12/16/2013 23:26:13)
One more.
Fan (04/22/2014 06:12:11)
It's been soooooo long! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

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