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01/26/2008: Fanfic Forum

So by popular request, I've made a forum in which you can post your own fanfiction. The implementation is rather primitive right now - there is nothing keeping track of whether a forum is read or unread, how many posts/threads there are in a forum or who last posted in a forum - but it works, and since there are only two forums I don't think it will be too limiting to need to check both of them to know whether anything new has been posted. If you think it needs that functionality, however, you may of course voice that opinion.

Have fun.

Oh, and chapter 38 is on the third page. I'll probably get to work on it more now that I've completed the D/P Vs. Seeker for the main site.


deflaperor (01/26/2008 00:00:00)
Thanks so much Butterfree. I never thought that my work would even see the internet. So thanks again!
Marowak (01/26/2008 00:00:00)
I… I think I'm in love…
Sisyphaean (01/26/2008 00:00:00)
Sounds great, but I get a "/" error (whatever that means) when I try to load either of the forums.
Butterfree (01/26/2008 00:00:00)
That's strange, because it's working fine for everybody else as far as I know. o_O Are you still getting it?
Butterfree (01/26/2008 00:00:00)
Oh, wait. Right. It's because you weren't logged in, and I forgot to test it for guests. I fixed it now.

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