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12/01/2012: NaNoWriMo: Day 30

It is done. Chapter 76 is over (though the ending is awkward and needs work), and the word count stands at 352,301 words, which means I wrote 50,423 words this month. It's still twenty minutes until it's been thirty days since I started, as I write this sentence.

I admit I cheated slightly: chapter 75 is not done, per se. This is because one of the big problems with writing that chapter was how to fit in all the information that needed to be fit in. Additionally, I needed to figure out where to fit in the additional detail that occurred to me earlier this month. So I wrote the second half of the chapter in one way, but then realized as I was nearing the end that what I was writing would be better off earlier in the chapter. Because then writing the ending leading off from something that wouldn't actually be near the end didn't quite make sense, I just started chapter 76. Almost all of the elements of the chapter were written (though I've kind of decided to replace a huge chunk of dialogue with flashbacks that would tell it better), if in a bit of a wonky order, so I don't think this counts as not having finished the fic. Feel free to disagree if you want.

Now to go to sleep because I was writing all night and now I have a massive headache and am a zombie.
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Muppy (12/01/2012 11:54:30)
Chaos16 (12/01/2012 13:38:56)
Thomas_10 (12/01/2012 14:37:22)
YES!!!! ~starts playing "We are the Champions" and jumps up in slow motion~
Polymetric Sesquialtera (12/01/2012 15:26:51)
are you still suffering the effects of realizing "I've finished the fic. I've FINISHED THE FIC it's been TEN YEARS OMG" because I know I would.
eevee_em (12/01/2012 15:27:08)
Alright! This is so awesome, I can't believe the fic is practically done!
Scaldaver (12/01/2012 18:35:37)
Oh no! I hate it when good stories end :(
Spoon (12/01/2012 18:53:54)
Butterfree (12/01/2012 19:36:26)
are you still suffering the effects of realizing "I've finished the fic. I've FINISHED THE FIC it's been TEN YEARS OMG" because I know I would.
Anticlimactically enough, not really. Maybe it will sink in when the headache and effects of long-term sleep deprivation fade.
Negrek (12/01/2012 20:27:24)
Congratulations! And let the revising begin. ;)
Pzoh (12/01/2012 20:58:47)
Congradulations! Good luck editing! :3
Sapph (12/02/2012 02:52:16)
congratulations, I knew something good would end up happening in my life! Know if only Unsounded was finished…
Kratos Aurion (12/02/2012 02:59:57)
Way to go! I haven't been following TQftL for quite as long as some other people, but knowing just how much you've put into this it's going to be sort of surreal for it to finally be done. Awesome, though! :D
nev (12/02/2012 19:55:36)
Zorielle (12/03/2012 15:28:45)

I think I started reading this fic in 2005 or so… I remember drawing shit-tons of fan art about those fucking horse legendaries and Chalenor and one of the color dragon things, maybe more but I only still have a single one by chance (it is /really bad you have no idea/).

So to see it get finished… it's really surreal. I don't think I've actively kept up in ages, I may have to start reading again.

(and you all thought I left the site. Nope, just the forums.)
Silverseabird (12/03/2012 21:44:51)
Been following this for about a year or two and all I can say is wow. You've kept this up for so long and its great to see you've finally finished. Hopefully editing won't take that long. Congrats!
Tori (12/15/2012 05:24:30)
I have nostalgia of when I was a kid back in 2005 or so and I'd read chapters of Quest for the Legends and explore the Cave of the Dragonflies, while trying to make my own attempts at epic Pokemon fanfic and websites (they were kind of terrible). ^_^;

It's so surreal that it's finally completed after all that time! I could only imagine how weird it is for you! o_o
hoadleysp (12/17/2012 04:35:23)
any updates on how editing is going? :)

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