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01/02/2008: Forum stuff

I added read/unread markers for threads in the forum, as well as IM contact info and signatures in user profiles. Enjoy.


Nostalgia (01/02/2008 00:00:00)
COOL! Unread/read markers will be useful when there's more topics. For now, I can kinda tell at a glance, but when they get more full and more topics pop up, you need them.

IM Infos good too, because the profile info looked way too empty before. At least I thought so.
Butterfree (01/02/2008 00:00:00)
I also fixed the paging now so that multiple-page threads have links to the pages shown on the forum index, when you've posted you will be sent straight to your post where it's been added, and a small button next to the titles of unread threads allows you to skip straight to the first unread post.

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