...No, you DON'T just skip this. It is very important that you read this before you read ANY crazy versions. This contains special warnings.

When reading a crazy version, always keep in mind NOT TO TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. The crazy versions are NOT a part of the story. If you want a part of the story, read the actual version.

If you EVER intend to read the actual chapter, read it BEFORE you read the crazy version. That way, the crazy version is funnier, as you know what is supposed to be there and what isn't, and the mood of the actual chapter isn't completely ruined.

The reason why only a few chapters will have crazy versions is that sometimes when I'm making stories in my head, I get in a weird mood and start making all kinds of nonsense and putting it in the story. That is just so plain weird that when I'm writing it down, I take all the stupid things out. But, this was just so weird I decided I just had to allow people to read it, so here it is.

Do NOT ask me about anything related to the crazy versions.

I think that was about all.