Switching Sides

Such a perfect being
oh, so perfect...
Your scythes, ever so sharp,
oh, it would have been an honour to have them sweep the life from my body.
But not as sharp as my pain when it happened.
Your cuts were so deep,
but not as deep as the blackness of your eyes.
So deep that the tiniest scratches drew blood,
but nowhere as much as the blank in my heart.
The cuts were so narrow,
but not as narrow as the thread of my will to live.
So narrow that the biggest slashes didn’t cause me pain,
but that didn’t make it less painful when they did it.
Your wings beating faster than everything I’ve seen,
but not as fast as my heart when he got you.
Your anger so terrible, so pure in fury...
But not as terrible as feeling that I failed you.
Oh, why did it have to be you?
Why, why, why...

How can I bear
to be better off than you?
How can I bear
that you’ve lost all you had?
How can I bear
that half of me hates you?
How can I bear it?

Why do I still have the pride of all Scythers?
Why do I still have my scythes?
Why do I still have my speed and agility,
when you have nothing?

This isn’t fair...
Oh, the injustice in this world...
I wish my pain was over,
I wish I was dead...
Sometimes I even truly wish I had suffered the same fate as you.

But I feel like I have a job to do,
it can’t be our destiny to be together...
I must leave the dreamworld...

My negative emotions take over...
you’d better get out of my mind for a while...
I’m becoming angry...
I’m becoming hateful...
Oh, I hate you so much for this pain you have caused me...

Farewell, for I will never forget you, whatever I may think of you