Chapter 1: How the adventure began


Mark lived in a very small village. It was far from all pokémon so no pokémon trainer came there, and nobody could give away starting pokémon for kids that wanted to train pokémon.

And that was why Mark thougt he could never become a pokémon trainer.


Mark was outside with his friends. Then there came a thunderstorm with rain and they went home, but Mark suddenly saw something moving in the bushes. A pokémon? He looked, but there was nothing. He went home with the others.

After dinner, he sat down, staring through the window. Were pokémon in the town? Or was it just the wind? Suddenly, he stood up from the chair. There WAS something moving out there, and it was NOT the wind! He hurried outside.

On the road was a Charmander and the flame at the tip of its tail was nearly dead. He picked it up and ran inside. The Charmander opened one eye, then fainted again.

“Mom! Dad! I – I found a Charmander outside and it is dying!”

“Oh, stop teasing us, Mark,” said his father. “We know very well there are no pokémon here.”

“No, really! Can you help me a bit!”

“You will have to keep it warm,” said his mother. “Charmanders die if they become to cold to keep their tail burning.”

He heard his father say something like “do you really believe that stupid joke” but he didn’t mind. All he was thinking about now was the Charmander. He put it in his bed, stroke it and made sure the room was warm before he went to sleep on the floor.

He woke up early in the morning. When his eyes opened, he saw an orange face with big, black eyes looking at him.

“Charmander! You’re alive!”


He sat up and got dressed. Charmander certainly knew who had saved him.

The next day, he started training pokémon, that is, he started walking to the next city with a Pokémon Center, Cleanwater city. A Suicune was said to clean the Lake of Purity next to the city every day, and the city’s name came from that legend. At least, the water was so clear that you could always see the bottom (and all the Goldeens and Seakings and Magikarps living in the lake). Once, a Gyarados lived there, but it could never catch prey, as the prey saw it if it moved in their direction. No one knew where the Gyarados went, as there was no river in or out of the lake. But, at least, the city had a lot of legends about pokémon, so many trainers came there, and many trainers need at least one Pokémon Center and a Pokémon market. As Mark had no pokéballs, Charmander just walked beside him.

“Charmander, I’ve been thinking...”


“What were you doing out there? You can’t be a wild Charmander, then you would know where to go when it’s raining. Besides, there are no pokémon around our village.”

Charmander went sad. “Char charmander char mander,” he said.

“A trainer owned you? But – did he leave you?”

“Charmander mander char charmander.”

“Traded you? For what?”

“Char charmander mander.”

“A Quilava? But – no one trades an evolved pokémon for an unevolved pokémon if they both have three stages in all and are equally strong. It’s like trading Mewtwo for Magikarp!”

“Charmander charmander char!”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean you were weaker than Magikarp, I...”

“Charmander char char charmander!”

“I didn’t mean Quilava is stronger than Mewtwo either! It’s like... It’s like... trading Quilava for Charmander.”


“Yes, but anyway, why did that Quilava trainer accept the trade?”

“Charmander mander charmander, char mander charmander.”

“The Quilava was level fifteen, and he told the other trainer you were also level fifteen and just about evolving? What level are you then?”


“Five? Well, what did the other trainer do when he found out you were only level five?”

“Char char char mander.”

“Threw your pokéball away so you got out? And for what did you go to our village?”

“Charmander charmander.”

“Looking for your old trainer? But he betrayed you! He traded you and lied just to get a stronger Pokémon in exchange for you!”

“Char man der.”

“You are angry with him now so you don’t want to find him anymore? Well, guess I would be too. Just forget about him... Oh, a house!”

There was a house ahead. They hurried to the house and saw it was a farm, as there were Miltanks and Tauroses inside a fenced meadow and Ponytas and Rapidashes inside another, a Meowth was walking around, and a Growlithe was watching some Mareeps and Swinubs inside another meadow. But a sign in front of the meadow with the Ponytas and Rapidashes intrested Mark. It said: PONYTAS AND RAPIDASHES FOR SALE.

Just that moment a woman came out of the house. “How much is a Rapidash?” Mark asked her.

“40000,” was her answer.

“Oh, I only have 10000. Aren’t the Ponytas cheaper?”

“They’re 20000,” the woman said.

“Can they battle?” Mark asked.

“No, of course not!” the woman said. “They are trained not to attack anything but in self-defense, and then they are not supposed to use their fire powers. But of course they can burn people that touch them,” she added when she saw Mark’s hand was getting close to one of the Ponytas. He quickly withdrew his hand.

“Can I sleep here tonight? And my Charmander too?” Mark then asked.

“Okay with you, but your Charmander... well, if you make sure it won’t burn the house, it’s okay.”

“Oh, thanks a lot!”said Mark.






Chapter 2: The great book


They went inside. In a large bookcase Mark saw an intresting-looking book called Pokémon legends – old and new legendary pokémon and pokémon-related things. By the size of the book, Mark got the feeling that it included more than just those normal legendary pokémon everyone has already caught. As a matter of fact, he also had the feeling that he just had to read that book, so he asked:

“Can I read a book?”

“Guess you can,” said the woman and went into another room.

“Thanks,” Mark said and drew the book out. It was dusty. The woman certainly did not seem to be very intrested in reading about legendary pokémon. He opened the book.


Part I: Legendary Pokémon



Articuno          4

Zapdos                        7

Moltres           10

Mew                13

Mewtwo          16

Molzapart       17

Raikou             18

Entei                21

Suicune          24

Rainteicune     27

Ho-oh              28

Lugia               31

Hogia              34

Celebi              35

Chaletwo       37

Laitos              38

Laitas              40

Waraider         42

Flamer                        43

Hydrocean      43

Electrone        43

Leafer              43

Freezer           43

Psycon             43

Darkan          43

Dracolor         44

Dragoreen       45

Dragored        45

Dragoblue     45

Dragold          45

Dragowhite   45

Dragoblack   45


“Wow! Molzapart, Rainteicune, Hogia, Chaletwo, Waraider, Flamer, Hydrocean, Electrone, Leafer, Freezer, Psycon, Darkan, Dracolor, Dragoreen, Dragored, Dragoblue, Dragold, Dragowhite, Dragoblack – I’ve never heard of any of those!” Mark was delighted. He turned to page 17.




Molzapart is a mix between Articuno (see pages 4 - 6), Zapdos (pages 7 – 9), Moltres (pages 10 - 12), and Mew (pages 13 – 15). It is the most powerful pokémon, apart from Chaz (page 37). There is only one that was born when Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mew were at Seafoam Islands. They saw the ultra-powerful Mist stone (see page 58) and thought is was a Geodude, so they attacked it. Articuno used Blizzard, Zapdos used Thunder, Moltres used Fire blast and Mew used Psychic. These attacks all hit the Mist stone at once so it broke. Most of the parts scattered all around the Islands, but, the middle part of the Mist stone was left. It stood right before the eyes of the legendary birds and Mew, it glowed after the Fire blast, sparks came out of it because of the Thunder, it was frozen solid because of the Blizzard and it was flying a few cm from earth because of Mew’s Psychic. And it turned to life. It transformed into an ultra-powerful pokémon with Moltes’s head, Zapdos’s body and Articuno’s wings and tailfeathers. It didn’t look like Mew at all, but it had Mew’s psychic powers. Why? Who knows. It attacked them with Peck, but they were quick enough to avoid the attack an run. Then, Molzapart started to train itself and at last it reached level 100. But it wanted more, it wanted to become the most powerful pokémon ever, so it trained even more and with help from its psychic powers, it finally managed to get over level 100 with experience. When it then reached level 255, it used all of its psychic powers to get farther and got itself to level 256. After that, it had to rest for three years but then it could train itself for ever without help from the psychic powers. No one knows for now what level Molzapart is currently on. Molzapart learns these attacks:


Level            Attack

---            Peck

6            Thundershock

7            Ember

8            Powder snow

9            Gust

15            Confusion

18            Icy wind

20            Wing attack

22            Flame wheel

23            Spark

24            Psybeam

26            Fly

30            Drill peck

34            Psychic

35            Thunderbolt

36            Flamethrower

37            Ice beam

40            Aeroblast

41            Sacred fire

42            Zap cannon

45            Fire spin

50            Blizzard

51            Fire blast

52            Thunder

55                Sky attack


Molzapart is Fire/Electric/Ice/Psychic/Flying-type and can know five attacks at the same time. Its pokédex data is “If some trainer thinks he can capture it, nothing can stop it from killing the trainer and his pokémon and use its psychic powers to make everyone forget the trainer, even his parents.”


“Better not try to catch that one,” Mark thought. “What about Rainteicune?”

He turned to page 27.



Rainteicune is a mix between Raikou (page 18), Entei (page 21) and Suicune (page 24). It was born when Raikou, Entei and Suicune were on their race around the Johto world when a terrible thing happened; they all crashed into each other. It knocked them out, of course, and they all died there. Suicune died first. It turned into a pool of dirty water. But when the water touched Entei’s body, it died, too, and turned into ashes. But just as the water touched Entei, it touched Raikou, wich was still alive, but couldn’t move or even open its eyes. Without thinking, it let of its last Thunder in defense, and then died.

The little life left in Raikou went with the Thunder straight to the place where Suicune’s water and Entei’s body touched each other and Entei died. A Thunder with some life in it can turn dead pokémon back to life. So the Thunder with Raikou’s life turned Entei and Suicune back to life and the three mixed into the resulting pokémon, Rainteicune, wich had Suicune’s head and “ribbons”, Raikou’s body and tail and Entei’s “clouds” and feet. Rainteicune is Fire/Water/Electric-type and learns these attacks:


Level            Attack

---            Bubble

5            Water gun

6            Thundershock

7            Ember

10            Bubblebeam

11            Spark

12            Flame wheel

18            Fire spin

22            Surf

23            Thunderbolt

24            Flamethrower

30            Rain dance

36            Hydro pump

37            Thunder

38            Fire blast


Rainteicune’s maximum stats at level 100 are: 433 HP, 328 Attack, 328 Defense, 328 Speed, 328 Special Attack, 328 Special Defense.


“That’s a good one,” Mark thought. “I’ll bet Hogia is some mix between Ho-oh and Lugia.” And he turned to page 34.




Hogia looks very much like Ho-oh (page 28) but the feathers on the head are different and also the colors of the tail-and-wingfeathers. It also learns different attacks. It learns Aeroblast, wich only Lugia (page 31) learns apart from Molzapart (page 17), wich after all knows every damaging attack of Fire, Electric, Ice, Psychic and Flying. That’s why it’s caled Hogia. It is Fire/Flying-type and learns:


Level            Attack

---            Gust

---            Peck

---            Transform

---            Ember

17                Metal claw

27                Whirlwind

37                Wing attack

47                Flamethrower

57            Sacred fire

67                Stare

77                Aeroblast

87                Fire blast

97                Hyper beam


The strangest thing about this pokémon is how it learned Transform. Few legends mention Hogia.


“A mysterious pokémon with Transform. Would be good with Sacred fire, Aeroblast, Metal claw and Whirlwind. Let’s look at Chaletwo,” Mark muttered and turned to page 37.




Chaletwo is equally powerful as Molzapart (page 17). Only one exists once every year. It always appears at the same place, just out of Green town, in the grass down from the Pokémon center. It appears at 4: 26: 45 PM at the 25th of May. There is a clock in the pokémon center that tells the exact timing for people that want to see Chaletwo. It looks like a Mewtwo (page 16)  except that its eyes are extremely powerful and it has to keep its eyes closed to avoid destroying everything. It travels across time like Celebi (page 35) and always travels one year to the future, turns to every direction and then goes again. Chaletwo’s eyelids are the only thing that can resist the power streaming from its eyes, and even with its eyes closed, Chaletwo can see through anything. When it’s turning on it’s once-a-year appearence, it’s actually checking the whole Earth for bad problems. The truth is that even though it’s a Dark/Psychic type, it’s good, not evil, and if it sees a really bad problem, it travels back to the start of the problem and tries to fix it. Chaletwo also thinks very fast, so it does not need to stop to think, wich means the Earth is scanned for bad problems once a year and Chaletwo will fix everything that goes wrong. Just as it has turned around, tons of information stream to its brain and Chaletwo has worked it all out and is gone before you can say anything. Chaletwo’s Psychic powers are incredibly strong, it has very powerful stats and is level 4739 when this is written. Its Special attack and Speed are rumoured to be even higher than Molzapart’s, but the Attack, Defense and Special defense of Molzapart are slightly higher than Chaletwo’s. When Chaletwo opens its eyes, one could see they are bright yellow if one wouldn’t be dead before, but it never does. The attack when it opens its eyes is called Death Stare. It also knows Psychic, Future Sight and Teleport, and Chaletwo can also learn Mirror coat, Ancient power, Mind reader, Confusion, Psybeam, Psych up, Psywave, Recover, Reflect and Barrier. Its abilities to control the weather are also said to give it Gust, Whirlwind, Powder Snow, Blizzard, Thunder, Rain dance, Sunny day, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Haze, Mist, Icy wind, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Razor leaf, Razor wind, and Solarbeam.


“Wow! It’s the 10th of May today! If I get to Green town within two weeks, I can see it!” Mark was exited. He turned to page 42.




Waraider is a legendary pokémon that few people know. It is a white flying unicorn, Normal/Flying type, and knows Horn attack, Fury attack, Horn Drill, Wing attack, Double kick, Jump kick, Hi jump kick, Stomp, Mega kick and Gust. Its evolutions all know these attacks and more, they will all be described on the next page. Waraider and its evolutions all race around in company, and try not to be caught. They are said once to have been only Waraiders, but when they were all near a town, some kids started throwing stones at them, but didn’t notice many of the stones they threw at them were evolution stones which evolved the Waraiders as they hit them. The pokémon ran away, only two of them were still Waraiders, and one unfortunately stepped on a part of the Mist stone (page 58) and evolved too. After that, the last Waraider became the leader of them all.




Flamer is the fire evolution of Waraider, evolved with a Fire stone. In addition to Waraider’s moves, it learns Ember, Fire spin, Flame wheel, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Sunny day, Sacred fire, Morning sun, and Fire punch. Its tail and mane are made of fire, like Ponyta’s, but its body is white.




Hydrocean is the water evolution of Waraider, evolved with a Water stone. In addition to Waraider’s moves, it learns Water gun, Waterfall, Hydro pump and Rain dance. Its tail is a waterfall and its mane is a river. Its body is deep blue.




Electrone is the electric evolution of Waraider, evolved with a Thunderstone. In addition to Waraider’s moves, it learns Thundershock, Thunder wave, Spark, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunderpunch and Zap cannon. Its horn is a little shaped like a bolt of lightning and its mane and tail are always sparkling. Its body is bright yellow.




Leafer  is the grass evolution of Waraider, evolved with a Leaf stone. In addition to Waraider’s moves, it learns Razor leaf, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Absorb, Mega drain, Giga drain and Leech seed. Its tail, mane and wings are not made of hair and feathers, but leaves. Its body is white.




Freezer is the ice evolution of Waraider, evolved with a Mist stone. In addition to Waraider’s moves, it learns Powder snow, Mist, Haze, Ice beam, Icy wind, Aurora beam, Ice punch and Blizzard. It is cold to the touch and its tail, mane, horn and wings are light blue. Its body is white.




Psycon is the psychic evolution of Waraider, evolved with a Sun stone. In addition to Waraider’s moves, it learns Confusion, Psybeam, Teleport, Barrier, Light screen, Mirror coat, Psych up, Amnesia, Agility, Future sight, Hypnosis, Dream eater, Meditate, Kinesis, Psychic, Psywave, Reflect and Rest. Its mane, tail, wings and horn are purple, but the body is white.




Darkan is a little different from the others, as its wings are those of a bat and it has sharp teeth. It is the dark evolution of Waraider, evolved with a Moon stone. In addition to Waraider’s moves, it learns Pusuit, Bite, Crunch, Faint attack and Thief. It is completely black.


“Those are interesting... but I’d like to see Dracolor!” Mark turned to page 44.




This is a baby pokémon. It can evolve into Dragoreen, Dragored, Dragoblue, Dragold, Dragowhite or Dragoblack. They all learn  different moves at different levels. Dracolor starts with Bite and Tail whip but doesn’t learn anything else. It’s a Dragon/Flying type, although the wings are small and can barely keep it in the air. It evolves at level twenty, but it will always evolve into Dragoreen if nothing special is done. According to the legend, it needs to be treated in a special way in order for it to evolve into other evolutions. Those “requerements” will be described on the next page. Dracolor is a Baby dragon pokémon. Its evolutions are Dragon pokémon. Dracolor is green, but its color changes when it evolves into an “advaced” evolution, or so are the evolutions that need special requerements called.


“Now, THAT’s a true legendary! A dragon! The evolutions must be cool!” Mark turned to the next page.




Its name comes from “Dragon” and “Green”. It is green and it is the regular evolution of Dracolor. Its type is Dragon/Fire/Flying and it has high Special attack, very low Attack, medium Special defense, medium Defense, and high Speed. Its attacks are:

Level            Attack

---            Bite

---            Tail whip

11                Dragon rage

22            Slam

33            Dragonbreath

44                Flamethrower

55                Outrage




Its name comes from “Dragon” and “Red”. It is red and it is the Fire evolution of Dracolor. Its type is Fire/Dragon/ Flying and it has very high Special attack, very low Attack, low Special defense, medium Defense, and high Speed. Its attacks are:

Level            Attack

---            Bite

---            Tail whip

---            Ember

11                Dragon rage

22                Flame wheel

33                Slam

44                Flamethrower

55                Dragonbreath

66                Fire blast

77                Outrage

Its requerements are hatching the Dracolor at day in open land, having a Fire pokémon all the time of hatching, Fire attacks (have to be damaging) need to be used on Dracolor, and no Water attacks may have been used on Dracolor (do NOT have to be damaging) – all BEFORE Dracolor evolves.




Its name comes from “Dragon” and “Blue”. It is blue and it is the Water evolution of Dracolor. Its type is Water/Dragon/Flying and it has very high Special attack, very low Attack, low Special defense, medium Defense, and high Speed. Its attacks are:

Level            Attack

---            Bite

---            Tail whip

---            Water gun

11            Dragon rage

22            Slam

33            Hydro pump

44            Outrage

Its requerements are hatching the Dracolor in water, having a Water pokémon all the time of hatching, Water attacks (have to be damaging) need to be used on Dracolor, and no Ice attacks may have been used on Dracolor (do NOT have to be damaging) – all BEFORE Dracolor evolves.




Its name comes from “Dragon” and “Gold”. It is golden and it is the Steel evolution of Dracolor. Its type is Dragon/Fire/Steel/Flying and it has high Special attack, medium Attack, low Special defense, medium Defense, and medium Speed. Its attacks are:

Level            Attack

---            Bite

---            Tail whip

11            Dragon rage

22            Pay day

33            Slam

44                Dragonbreath

55                Flamethrower

66            Outrage

Its requerements are only 500,000 pokedollars the whole time of hatching and raising Dracolor.




Its name comes from “Dragon” and “White”. It is white and it is the Ice evolution of Dracolor. Its type is Ice/Dragon/ Flying and it has very high Special attack, very low Attack, low Special defense, medium Defense, and high Speed. Its attacks are:

Level            Attack

---            Bite

---            Tail whip

---            Powder snow

11            Dragon rage

22            Aurora beam

33            Slam

44                Ice beam

55                Blizzard

66            Outrage

Its requerements are hatching the Dracolor in the Ice cave, having an Ice pokémon all the time of hatching, Ice attacks (have to be damaging) need to be used on Dracolor, and no Fire attacks may have been used on Dracolor (do NOT have to be damaging) – all BEFORE Dracolor evolves.





Its name comes from “Dragon” and “Black”. It is black and it is the Dark and Poison evolution of Dracolor. Its type is Dragon/Fire/Poison/Dark/Flying and it has very high Special attack, very low Attack, low Special defense, medium Defense, and high Speed. Its attacks are:

Level            Attack

---            Bite

---            Tail whip

---            Water gun

11            Dragon rage

22            Poison fang

33            Slam

44                Dragonbreath

55                Flamethrower

66                Crunch

77            Outrage

Its requerements are hatching the Dracolor at night, having a Poison and a Dark pokémon all the time of hatching, Poison  attacks (have to be damaging) need to be used on Dracolor, and Dark attacks have to be used on Dracolor – all BEFORE Dracolor evolves.


The next page, page 46, had a note on it.


As the author of a book about legendary pokémon, I had to talk to many people. One, who chose to remain unnamed, told me about Molzapart and Rainteicune, and said he/she had seen both of them, knew their attacks and even pokedex datas. What you see in this book about them is exactly what that person told me. The information on the others comes from the legends mentioning them.

Mark closed the book, turned to Charmander and said:

“Charmander – I’m going to be a legendary collector! I’m going to catch every single legendary pokémon in the world!”

















Chapter 3: Mark gets his second pokémon


The next day, Mark and his Charmander continued their pokémon journey.

“Charmander, do you want to evolve?” Mark suddenly asked.

“Charmander? Char mander Charmander?”

“Yes, I am asking you! I won’t make you evolve if you don’t want to. And you will learn attacks faster if you don’t. A Squirtle can know Hydro pump while a Blastoise at the same level only knows Water gun. There’s nothing really wrong about not evolving a pokémon. But, of course... you will be stronger as a Charizard.”

“Char... mander. Charmander. Char char mander charmander.”

“You want to evolve? Okay then. I was just thinking about my future team.”

They kept walking for a while. Then Mark saw a pokémon – a Rattata.

“Charmander, go!”



“Charmander – Scratch! And again and again!”

“Char! Man! Der!”

“Rattattatt!” Rattata used Tackle.

“Charmander – keep scratching until you win!”

“Charmander! Charmander! Char man der!”

“Raaaatt!” Rattata fainted.

“That was easy!” said Mark and they went on.

“As Charizard, Charmander could have Fire blast, and Wing attack... Earthquake... and something, maybe Swords dance... that would beat grass, ice, steel, fighting, bug, rock, electric, poison and fire...” Mark muttered. “Then I would still need something to beat normal, water, ground, flying, psychic, rock, ghost and dragon... that’s eight to go... dragon can only be beaten with dragon and ice...”


“A pokémon? Where?” Mark asked. Charmander used Ember on a bush, and out ran... an Eevee!

“Wow! Eevees are incredibly rare nowadays, I just HAVE to catch it! And you must be over level seven now, as you could use Ember... Oh, I forgot I have no pokéballs. What can I do now?”

But the Eevee was no longer running away. It just sat two or three meters away from them, shaking with fear. A quiet “Eeeveee” was the only sound it made.

“Charmander?” Charmander said carefully.

“Eeeee!” the Eevee shrieked, taking a few steps backwards. Then Mark saw something on the ground – it was a pokéball, just when he needed it.

“Pokéball, go!” he shouted and threw the pokéball at the poor Eevee that didn’t dare to move.


Charmander suddenly jumped up and punched the pokéball back to Mark. “Charmander charmander!” he said angrily.

“Scared?” Mark looked at the Eevee. It most certainly was.

“Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you,” Mark said as his hand reached for the Eevee and stroke the soft fur. Then he picked it up. A loud “eeeee!” came from the eevee at first, but then it became quiet.

“Better hurry to Cleanwater city,” said Mark to Charmander. They ran a little longer and, to their great relief, they saw some lights.

“That must be Cleanwater city!” said Mark. “We’re almost there!”

After a few minutes, they arrived at the Cleanwater city Pokémon center. Once inside, Mark went to nurse Joy and asked her: “Um, I think there’s something wrong with this Eevee, it wouldn’t fight, it just stood there and did nothing when I found it.”

“Oh, this Eevee is obivously very young, it just must have been scared, the poor thing.” Nurse Joy scratched the Eevee’s ears and it looked happy. “But it might need something to eat. Wait here.” And nurse Joy got a bowl of some pokémon food for Eevee and Charmander.

“There’s a pokémon gym here, right?” Mark asked.

“Yes, but the gym leader, Rick, is not a very... kind sort of man. He uses legendary pokémon and he is very strong. It is said that he caught legendary pokémon with Master balls and then cloned them and released the originals. The clones are stronger, but their powers make them care less about the trainer’s orders, and that makes their hits not as strong as the originals’. But that’s only a rumour... Well, there are more sick pokémon around, and your Eevee and Charmander have finished eating. We hope to see you again.” She went to some other trainers.

“Let’s go,” said Mark, and they went out of the pokémon center.

Mark went to buy pokéballs while Eevee and Charmander searched for the pokémon gym. They found the gym easily, it was a huge building in the center of the city. There were also signs all over that made the gym very easy to find. Then the met Mark just outside the pokémon market.

“Hi. Did you find the gym?” Mark asked.



“Okay, good. But Eevee, are you... do you want to be... my pokémon? Do you want me to train you and travel with me?”

“Eeee!” Eevee nodded and licked Mark’s hand.

“All right then. You will need to go into that ball.” Mark held out a pokéball, and Eevee turned into a red beam of light that disappeared into the ball.

“And Charmander, here’s your pokéball,” said Mark and held out another ball.

“Charmander. Char charmander charmander.” Charmander shock its head.

“Don’t want to go into a ball? Well, I guess you can just walk beside me like you’ve done since we started, I can understand that pokéballs remind you of your former trainer. It’s okay. Hey, I also bought a pokédex.” He pointed his brand-new pokédex at Charmander. “Let’s see how much you grew when battling that Rattata.”

“Charmander, lizard pokémon. If the flame at the tip of its tail dies, so does this fire pokémon.”

“Yeah, I know, tell me the level,” said Mark, rather impatiently.

“A level 7 Charmander should know Scratch, Growl, and Ember,” said the voice of the pokédex. “Level seven? That’s two levels against one Rattata. It must have been pretty high level... anyway, we’ll need to train a lot.” And then they went out of the city to train for the gym.










Chapter 4: Training and battling


As Mark and Charmander, along with Eevee in its pokéball, went out of Cleanwater city to the Lake of Purity, Mark saw a lot of tourists. He knew people came from all over the world to see how clean the water was, but he never thought there were so many. When he got to the lake itself, he looked at the water and saw why: the water was very deep, and very large, but the bottom could as easily be seen as the grass on the bank. And as the water was so pure, many pokémon prefered drinking that water.

Mark saw a sign, mainly for telling tourists the depth and size of the lake, but also had a legend written on it: the Gyarados that disappeared and the Suicune that cleans the lake. It said:


Once, not so long time ago, a Gyarados lived in the Lake. It had evolved from a Magikarp said to be actually powerful. It evolved after beating a trainer that came to the lake with his weakest pokémon to battle some Magikarps. In those times, the water was icky. The Gyarados caught fish and could easily hide. No one could get rid of it and soon all the fish was hiding and didn’t dare to move when the people of the city were fishing. This made people hungry and in the end, everyone was making their own mixtures to kill the Gyarados and get the fish back. They poured them into the lake and even though each mixture was only supposed to kill the Gyarados, it made the whole lake poisonous. All the fish was dying, and people who drank the water were dying, even after cleaning it as well as they could. The Gyarados, however, was not harmed at all. Then a woman prayed for help, and a Suicune rushed to the lake, dipped one paw into it and it was perfectly clear. Then it ran away again.

The next day, the Suicune came again to clean the water, and then it visited the woman’s house, told her it would come every day thereafter to clean the lake, and that she should not worry about the Gyarados.

The next day, everyone saw how the purity of the lake annoyed the Gyarados. All the fish saw it from the other end of the lake, and it couldn’t hide anywhere. And the day after that, it was nowhere to be found. As no rivers run in or out of the lake, it is still a mystery what became of the Gyarados. Who knows, maybe it can fly, after all Gyarados is a Water/Flying type pokémon.


“That’s interesting,” Mark said. “Perhaps I will find it. Well, let’s start training.”

Just at that moment, he heard someone say: “A pokémon trainer? What about a battle?” He turned around and saw it was a blue-haired girl about his age. She had a pokéball in her hand and she was throwing it up and catching it again. He could also see that in the belt around her waist, she had one more pokémon.

“Okay! Let’s begin!”

“Go, Butterfree!”


“Go, Charmander!”


“Butterfree, String shot!”

“Freeeeee!” Butterfree covered Charmander in threads.

“Charmander, Ember!”

“Chaaaaaar!” Charmander set Butterfree’s wings on fire.

“Butterfree, Confusion!”

“Freeh!” A blast of psychic powers hit Charmander, and it fainted.

“Oh, no! Charmander, come back! Go, Eevee!”


“Free!” Butterfree’s wings were still burning.

“Eevee, Tackle!”

“Vee!” Butterfree fainted.

“Come back, Butterfree! Go, Skarmory!”


“Eevee, crouch to the ground, and Skarmory can’t hurt you!”

“You think so! Skarmory, Swift!”

“Skaaaaaaaaar!” The Swift almost made Eevee faint.

“Eevee, don’t give up! Jump on Skarmory and drag it to the ground!”

“Skarmory, fly higher!”


“Skaaa!” Eevee caught hold of Skarmory’s tailfeathers and they crashed. Both of them seemed to have fainted, when...


“I won! I won!” Mark was delighted. “Eevee, come back!”

“Skarmory, return,” the girl said. “You’re a pretty good trainer. What is your name?”

“I’m Mark,” Mark said.

“My name’s May. Are we friends, then?”

“Friends!” They shook hands.

“Anyway, I need to go. I have to train a lot.” May hurried off.

Then, Mark took out his pokédex and pointed it at Eevee.

“Eevee, evolution pokémon. It has many possible ways to evolve, as its genetic code is very unstable. At level 9, Eevee should know Tackle, Tail whip, and Sand-attack,” said the pokédex voice.

“Level nine? I need to train Charmander as soon as I’ve healed it!”

Then he went to the Cleanwater pokémon center.

After Mark healed Eevee and Charmander, they went back to the lake.

“Charmander charmander charmander?” Charmander asked.

“Oh, that’s a good idea. Eevee, come out for a minute.” He let Eevee out of the pokéball.

“I asked Charmander, so it is just fair that I ask you too. Do you want to evolve?”


“Yes, you can. Didn’t you know?”

“Eevee.” It shook its head.

“Well, you can easily evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon. Vaporeon is a water pokémon that can turn itself into water and then back to its normal form. Jolteon is an electric pokémon covered with spikes that it can shoot at the enemy. Flareon is a fire pokémon that can blow fire over 5,000 degrees. And then, you can evolve into Espeon or Umbreon, but that is much more difficult. Espeon is a psychic pokémon that has a glowing crystal on its forehead. Umbreon is a dark pokémon that can hardly be seen in the dark. Well, do you want to evolve, or do you not?”

“Eevee vee.”

“Want to? Well, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon or Umbreon?”


“Don’t mind? Well, I wouldn’t want to make you an Espeon or Umbreon, that would take ages, and I already have a fire pokémon – that means either Vaporeon or Jolteon. We’ll see. Well, Charmander, you’d better be trained too. Two levels needed to tie with Eevee.” And Mark recalled Eevee into its pokéball, and soon they were back at the lake.

“Well, the question is: Where are the pokémon?” Just as Mark said that, a wild Sandshrew appeared.


“Charmander, go!”


“Shrew!” Sandshrew used Scratch.

“Charmander – Ember!”


“Pokéball, go!” The ball wobbled once, it wobbled twice, and...

“Shreew!” an angry Sandshrew popped out and used Sand-attack.

“Oh, no! Charmander, use Ember and try to hit if you can!”

“Char!” Ember missed.

“Shreew!” Sandshrew used Defense curl.

“Charmander – Ember!”

“CHAAR!” A really angry Charmander used Ember on Sandshrew.

“Pokéball, go!” Mark shouted. The ball wobbled once, it woobled twice, it wobbled three times, it wobbled for the fourth time, and...

“YES! YES! I caught a Sandshrew!” Mark picked up the pokéball and pointed the pokédex at it.

“Sandshrew, mouse pokémon. This pokémon can dig very fast and it can also curl up in a ball so that almost no attack can hurt it. At level 13, Sandshrew should know Scratch, Defense curl, Poison sting and Sand-attack.”

“Level thirteen! No wonder it popped out of the ball! Charmander, we need to find another pokémon.”

After a long search, they found a Pidgeotto.


“Charmander, go!”


“Charmander – Ember!”


“Ottottott!” Pidgeotto used Gust.

“Charmander, Ember!”


“Pidgeoooott!” Pidgeotto used Quick attack.

“Charmander – one more Ember!”

“Chaaaaaaar!” Pidgeotto fainted.

“Good, Charmander! You really did great!” Mark pointed the pokédex at Charmander.

“At level 10, Charmander should know Scratch, Growl and Ember.”

“Level ten? Then it’s time to train Eevee!”

And so he kept training.





Chapter 5: Legendary pokémon


Late in the evening, Mark had trained all three of his pokémon to level 15.

“Whew... time to go and find a hotel.” Mark said and recalled Sandshrew back to its pokéball. “Charmander, go first so I can see the road by the light of your tail.” But they had only taken a few steps when Mark suddenly felt something. He turned around, and Charmander seemed to feel it too as it also turned around.

Then they saw it. A large, blue shadow that stopped by the water. Then it looked up and its graceful shape suddenly could be seen by the moonlight.

It was Suicune.

It dipped one paw carefully into the water, and then it rushed off at great speed. Then, another, fearful shape rose from the water, a sea monster, or rather, a Gyarados.

“It’s the legendary Gyarados that disappeared! I’m going to catch it! I swear that I’m going to catch it!” Mark whispered.

Then, he shouted:“Hey, you ugly version of Magikarp! Stay here and face me like a pokémon!”

“Gyaaaaro!” it roared.

“Go, Eevee!


“Eevee, Sand-attack! It must not hit you!”


“Gyaaaaaro!” roared the Gyarados.

“Eevee, Tackle!”


“Gyaaar!” Gyarados tried to use Bite, but missed.

“Eevee, Tackle! And just keep tackling!”


“Gyaaar!!” Gyarados missed again with Bite.

“Eee!” Eevee used Tackle again.

“Gyaaaaroo!” Gyarados missed once again with Bite.

“Eeevee!” Eevee Tackled once again.

“Gyaaaaaaar!” Gyarados used Bite again, but didn’t miss this time. Eevee fainted.

“Oh, no! Eevee, return! Do it, Sandshrew!”


“Sandshrew, Sand-attack!”


“Gyaaaro!” Gyarados used Bite, but it was not near to hitting.

“Sandshrew, Scratch!”


“Gyaaaaaaaar!” Gyarados missed once again.

“Sandshrew, Scratch until you win!”


“Gyaaar!” Gyarados used Bite and Sandshrew fainted.

“Sandshrew, come back! Go! Charmander!”


“Charmander, Smokescreen so it can’t hit you!”


“Gyyaaaaar!” Gyarados tried to use Bite, but it missed.

“Charmander, uh... well... do something!”

“Chaar!” Charmander used Ember. It didn’t damage Gyarados much.

“Gyyaaaaaaaaaro!” Gyarados missed with its well-known Bite attack.

“CHAAAAAAAAAR!” Charmander blew a blast of flames at the Gyarados.

“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaroooo!” Gyarados was falling.

“Pokéball, go!!!” Mark shouted and threw a pokéball. It wobbled once, it wobbled twice, it wobbled for the third time, it wobbled one again, and...

“I did it! I did it!!!!! I caught the legendary Gyarados that disappeared!”


“What’s wrong, Charmander?” It was glowing white, and it was growing larger, and then it stopped glowing.


“Congratutations, you evolved into Charmeleon!”


Mark pointed the pokédex at Charmeleon.

“Charmeleon, flame pokémon. This pokémon is known to blow out blueish-white flames when excited. At level 16, Charmeleon should know Scratch, Growl, Ember and Smokescreen.”


“Let’s go. I’m sure we can beat that Rick guy now, but first let’s find a hotel.”

When they were back in town, Mark healed his pokémon and went to the Cleanwater hotel, a large building beside the gym. He got a room for him and his pokémon at the tenth floor. When he was up in the room, he looked at the city through the window. Who would know what challenges awaited him in the gym? Would he catch the Suicune? He let Eevee, Charmander and Sandshrew out of their pokéballs, but Gyarados was too big for the room. He told them to find a place they liked to sleep, but he went to sleep in the bed.

“Good night, Charmander, Eevee and Sandshrew. We’ll cream that Rick tomorrow.” Then he fell asleep.


Mark woke up early and went to the gym. Outside of it, there was a sign saying: “CLEANWATER CITY GYM – LEADER: RICK – The Low Level Legendary pokémon trainer!” When he entered, he saw he was on a large battlefield with a pool of water in the middle. On the other end there was a large ironic door. A trainer approached him and said: “Hey, I’m first up! You can’t battle Rick just like that!”

“Let’s begin!” Mark said.

“Go! Arcanine!”


“Go! Gyarados!”


“Arcanine, Extremespeed!”


“Hey! Arcanine doesn’t learn Extremespeed until level 50!”

“It’s cloned, you fool,” said the trainer.


“Yes. Arcanine – Extremespeed!”

“You... you... okay, Gyarados – Bite!”

“Gyaaaaaaaro!” Arcanine fainted.

“Arcanine, return! Go, Zapdos!”


“How the heck did you get... oh, forget it. Gyarados, come back! Go, Sandshrew!”


“Zapdos – Drill peck!”


“Sandshrew, quick! Dig to dodge the... oh yes, you can’t dig through the floor... uh, just curl up and roll out of the way!”


“Zapdos – Drill peck again!”

“Sandshrew – keep rolling so it won’t hit you!”

Then, a very funny pursuit began. Sandshrew rolled around the whole battlefield, closely followed by Zapdos, which flew at its highest speed after Sandshrew, trying to peck it. In the end, both of them fell to the floor, completely exhausted.

“Zapdos, return! Go, Articuno!”


“Sandshrew, return! Go, Charmeleon!”

“Char meleon!”

“Articuno, Mind reader!”

“Aaaaaart!” Articuno’s eyes glowed, focusing on Charmeleon.

“Charmeleon, Ember!”

“Chaaaaaaaaaar!!” Articuno melted into a pool of water, filled with feathers.

“Yuck! Articuno, come back! Go, Moltres!”


“Charmeleon, that’s enough! Go, Gyarados!”


“Moltres, Sky attack!” Moltres started glowing.

“Gyarados, uh, well, It could be dangerous for you to use Bite when it’s glowing like that... hey, I know it sounds stupid, but – Splash!”

Gyarados started to laugh, that is, to roar wildly between catching his breath. The other trainer also laughed, fell to the floor and rolled around of laughter. He reminded Mark strongly of Sandshrew. Even Moltres’s glow was flashing, like it wasn’t concentrating. Finally, even Mark started to laugh.

“No, really, Gyarados, use Splash!” he choked in the end.

“Gyar...” Gyarados said lousily and Splashed. It was obivously supposed to be funny, as Gyarados laughed even more, but a large Gyarados using Splash can make a lot of water splash around. They all became wet and stopped laughing. But Moltres, being a Fire pokémon, could not stand the water. It fainted.

“Moltres, return,” the trainer said in a hollow voice. “Okay. You beat me. But the next trainer will cream you!”

The door opened into another identical battlefield. When Mark was at the other side of the door, a nurse stopped him and said: “Wait. You want me to heal your pokémon, don’t you?”

“Oh, thanks, I forgot,” Mark said and handed her the pokéballs. She put them one by one into a Pocket healer (A small machine you can put a pokéball in and press a button to heal it). Then she gave them to Mark again, smiling.

“Good luck,” she said.

“Thanks,” Mark replied and went on to the middle of the battlefield. He saw the door he went through close automatically. Then a trainer came.

“Let’s begin!”

“Fine for me,” Mark said and took out Sandshrew’s pokéball.

“Go, Raikou!”


“Sandshrew, I choose you!”


“Raikou, Crunch!”

“Sandshrew, curl up, but have your Poison sting out and put poison in its mouth!”

“Raiiikou!” Raikou tried to catch Sandshrew with its teeth, but biting in a ball is very hard, so it just rolled out again. Sandshrew, however, stung it in its mouth and poison leaked out.

“Raikou, Swift!”


“Sandshrew, Defense curl!”


“Raikou, Swift!”

“Kou!” Sandshrew almost fainted.

“Sandshrew, Defense curl!”


“Raikou, Roar!”

“AAAARRRRRRaikou!” Sandshrew suddenly turned into a red beam of light and disappeared into the pokéball.

“Hey, Sandshrew! What do you think you’re doing!? Well, go, Eevee!”


“Raikou, Thunderrrr!”

“Raiiikou!” A blast of lightnings hit Eevee and it fainted. But now, the poison had hurt Raikou so much it just fell to the floor.

“Raikou, come back! Go, Entei!”


“Go! Charmeleon!”


“Entei, Stomp!”

“Charmeleon, quick! Smokescreen!” The whole room got covered with smoke. Entei missed with Stomp.

“Entei, Sunny day!” Suddenly, sunlight shone through the smoke and it dissolved into the air.

“Charmeleon, Ember!”


“Entei, Stomp!”


“Charmeleon, keep using Scratch!”

“Char! Mele! On!” Entei fainted.

“Entei, come back! Do it, Suicune!”


“Charmeleon, you won’t stand a change! Go, Gyarados!”


“Suicune, Bubblebeam!”


“Dive, Gyarados!” The bubbles covered the room, but couldn’t reach Gyarados, that watched just under the surface of the water.

“Gyarados, Bite!”

“Gyaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrooo!” Gyarados rose from the water and bit Suicune. But when it had dropped Suicune again, Suicune looked at the Gyarados and then just stood there and did nothing.

“The Suicune... it’s cloned from the one that cleans the lake! It must know Gyarados!” Mark whispered. “Suicune isn’t going to battle anymore!”

“Cune,” Suicune said weakly and then fell to the floor.

“Suicune, come back!” said the trainer. “Okay, you beat me, but you won’t stand a change against Rick!”

Mark went into the next battlefield. There was also a nurse there. She healed his pokémon and then he checked their levels. Charmeleon was level 17, Eevee was still level 15, Sandshrew was level 16 and Gyarados was level 21. Then the trainer of this battlefield came.

“I’m tough, don’t expect a stupid trainer like the ones you’ve already beaten. I’m the only junior trainer in this gym with real power!”

“Okay, can we begin now? Go, Sandshrew!”


“Go! Mew!”


“WHAT? You have MEW?!”

“Yes, we’ve got about twenty in all.”

“But... but...”

“Are we going to start the battle or not? Mew, Psychic!”

“Sandshrew, Sand-attack!”

“Shreeeew!” The Psychic blew all the sand back to Sandshrew and also hurt it.

“Sandshrew, Poison sting!”


“Mew, Transform!”

“Shreew!” Mew turned into a Sandshrew.

“Sandshrew, Scratch!”

“Shreeew!” It missed.

“Mew, Scratch!” Sandshrew fainted.

“Sandshrew, return! Go, Gyarados!!!!!”


“Mew, Ancientpower!” Mew transformed back into its real form and used Ancientpower.

“Gyarados, Bite!” Gyarados bit Mew, super effective, and it fainted.

“Mew, come back! Go, Mewtwo!”

“What do you want now, kid?” (If you didn’t guess, Mewtwo said that.)

“Oh, shut up, kitten. Just use Psychic on that annoying Gyarados over there.”

“Why should I obey you, kid? I could hypnotize you any time and take over the world. What can stop me from doing it?”

“Don’t get any ideas, you overgrown cat,” the trainer said. “We changed your genetic code. Actually, you were supposed to obey after we did those changes...”

“I don’t care what I was supposed to do. I’m on my own now. Good-bye.”

And then Mewtwo teleported away.

“Mewtwo, what are you doing?!!! Oh well, the last one also did. Go, Mewtwotwo!”

“Uh, are you sure you said that right?” Mark asked, but out of the pokéball came a strange pokémon. It looked like a Mewtwo, but it was larger, darker in color and had much longer arms and legs. The ears were also longer and the eyes were smaller and more evil-looking.

“What is that?” Mark asked.

“It’s Mewtwotwo, of course – cloned from Mewtwo and much stronger.”

 “Whaddayawant?” said Mewtwotwo.

“Psychic,” said the trainer.

“Okay,” said Mewtwotwo lazily and waved one finger. At first, that seemed to be careless, but the effects were incredible. The water all went up into the air, leaving Gyarados in a deep, dry hole. Then it started to headbutt the walls until it fell down and didn’t move. Then all the water fell down again and Gyarados floated up at first, but then it sank to the bottom.

Mewtwotwo yawned. “Anything else? Maybe something a bit more... challenging?”

“Just wait a minute. He’ll most likely send out another pokémon,” said the trainer.

“Go, Charmeleon! Ember!”


“Mewtwotwo, Psychic!” Mewtwotwo made the fire go back at Charmeleon and then lifted it into the air and then dropped it to the floor. Mewtwotwo turned to its trainer and asked: “Is there anyone here that TRAINS pokémon, not just catches them?” But in the meanwhile, Charmeleon stood up again with difficulty, and then rushed at Mewtwotwo and used all of its attacks at once. Mewtwotwo also did something and the two pokémon then blasted away from each other and crashed into the walls. For a few seconds, both of them laid next to the walls, looking knocked out, but then Charmeleon opened its eyes and stood up.

“Chaaaaaaar,” it said and walked dizzily to Mark. “Charmeleon...”

Then it fell down, fainted.

“It’s a draw,” said the other trainer.

“No, it isn’t! Look!” And Mark sent out Eevee. “I have one more pokémon left! I won!”

“Okay then,” said the trainer angrily and made the door open. Mark went through, healed his pokémon and found out that Charmeleon had grown to level 18 and Gyarados was level 22. The next trainer didn’t bother talking to Mark.

“Go, Ho-oh!”


“Go, Sandshrew!”


“Ho-oh, Sacred fire!”

“Sandshrew, Defense curl!” Sandshrew curled up in a ball and its hard skin repeled the super-hot flames.

“Sandshrew, Sand-attack!”

“Ho-oh, Gust!” The sand was blown back at Sandshrew.

“Sandshrew, you can’t beat it, come back! Go, Charmeleon!”


“Charmeleon, Smokescreeen!”


“Ho-oh, Gust!”

“Houououuuu!” It blew all the smoke away.

“You’re a tough guy, but I’ll beat you! Charmeleon, jump and Scratch it!”

“Mele! On! Mele! On!”

“Ho-oh, Fly!” It flew high into the air, where Charmeleon couldn’t reach it.

“It’s way too strong, and my pokémon’s attacks are too whimpy,” Mark thought. “I surrender!” he then said aloud to the trainer.

“You’re giving up?” the trainer asked. “You’re really GIVING UP now??!!!!”

“No, I’m not giving up,” Mark said. “I’m just asking you to stop and I’ll come back within ten minutes and battle you again – from the start.”

“Well, okay,” said the trainer. “But you’ll have to battle the other trainers again!”

“Okay! I’ll be back!”

Then Mark went out, healed, and went to the Pokémon market.

“I’m going to buy... uh, one Thunderstone, one Fire blast TM, one Surf HM, one Shadow ball TM and one Earthquake TM,” he said to the woman at the counter. She got it all from shelfs and said: “It’s 10700, but as you’re a young trainer and you’re buying 5 items, you can get it for 96700.”

“That’s exactly what I have left,” Mark said and handed her the money. Then he tought Fire blast to Charmeleon, Surf to Gyarados, Earthquake to Sandshrew and then let Eevee out.

“Eevee, now I have a Thunderstone for you. You will become a Jolteon. At first, you’ll feel a little strange, but you will get used to it. But if you’ve changed your mind, I can still return the Thunderstone. Are you sure you want to evolve?”

“Eeeveee.” Eevee nodded. Then Mark took out the Thunderstone and gently made it touch Eevee’s head. It started glowing white. Then it grew larger and spiky and then it stopped glowing.

“Jolteon!!” It scratched itself and got a spike in its hind leg. Mark drew it out.

“You should not scratch yourself, even if it itches,” he said.


“Now let’s train a bit, and then we’re ready for anything!” Mark recalled Jolteon and went to the Lake of Purity.


“A wild Fearow! Go, Jolteon!”


“Feeeeaaaaarrooow!!” Fearow dived to Peck Jolteon.

“Jolteon, you’re much quicker! Evade the Peck!”


“Jolteon, Sand-attack and then Tackle!”


“Feeeaaaaarow!” It tried to use Fury attack, but missed.

“Jolteon, Tackle, Tackle, Tackle!”

“Jolteon!” Fearow fainted.

 “Great, Jolteon! Let’s see your level!” Mark pointed his pokédex at Jolteon.

“Jolteon, Lightning pokémon. This pokémon is the electric evolution of Eevee, very fast and powerful. It can shoot its spikes very accurately. At level 17, Jolteon should know Tackle, Tail whip, Sand-attack and Thundershock.”

“Great! You’ve learned Thundershock! Now we can take on Rick!” And Mark recalled Jolteon and went back to the gym, ready for anything.




Chapter 6: Rick


When Mark got to the gym again, he reminded himself not to talk to the first trainer while battling, or he would lose a turn. He checked if his pokémon were all right and then went in and took out Sandshrew’s pokéball.

“You again? Go, Arcanine!”


“Go, Sandshrew!”


“Arcanine, Extremespeed!”


“Sandshrew, Earthquake!”


“Arcanine, Extremespeed!”


“Sandshrew, Earthquake!” Arcanine fainted.

“Arcanine, return! Go, Zapdos!”

“Sandshrew, that’s enough! Go, Charmeleon!” Mark still remembered the pursuit between Sandshrew and Zapdos.

“Zapos, Thunderbolt!”


“Charmeleon, Fire blast!”


“Zapdos, Thunder wave!”

“Charmeleon, Try to be quicker and use Fire blast!”

“Chaaaaar!!!” Zapdos fainted while it was still charging for the Thunder wave.

“Zapdos, come back! Go, Moltres!”


“Charmeleon, come back! Do it, Jolteon!”


“Jolteon, Thundershock!”


“Moltres, Fire blast!”


“Jolteon, Thundershock!”

“Jolt!” Moltres fainted.

“Moltres, come back! Go, Articuno!”


“Jolteon, Thundershock!”


“Articuno, Blizzard!”

“Cuuuno!” Jolteon almost fainted.

“Jolteon, Thundershock!”

“Jolt!” Articuno fainted.

“Articuno, return. You beat me again,” the trainer said.

“Yeah, I guess so,” said Mark and went on. After he healed his pokémon, he checked their levels. Charmeleon was level 19, Jolteon was level 18, Sandshrew was level 17 and Gyarados was, of course, still level 22.

“You? Go, Raikou!” the next trainer said as soon as Mark entered the battlefield.


“Go, Sandshrew!”


“Raikou, Crunch!”

“Sandshrew, quick! Earthquake!” Mark yelled. But Raikou was quicker.


“Shreeeeeeeeew!” Sandshrew did a powerful Eathquake and Raikou fainted.

“Raikou, come back! Go, Suicune!”


“Sandshrew, come back! Go, Jolteon!”


“Suicune, Hydro pump!”

“Now you made a big mistake! Jolteon, be ready with Thundershock!” Jolteon charged for a Thundershock.

“Suiicuuuune!” Suicune used Hydro pump but when the water was just about touching Jolteon...

“Now, Jolteon!!! And evade the Hydro pump!” Mark shouted. Jolteon used Thundershock and the water led it at Suicune which got fried. It then jumped aside and the Hydro pump just hit the wall.

“Suicune, come back! Go, Entei!”


“Jolteon, come back! Go, Sandshrew!”


“Sandshrew, Earthquake!” This time Sandshrew was quicker and Entei fainted in one hit. The trainer said nothing, he just recalled Entei and opened the door. Mark went to the nurse and healed his pokémon and then he checked their levels. Jolteon had grown to level 19 and Sandshrew was level 18, almost 19. Charmeleon and Gyarados were, of course, still level 19 and 22.

“Okay, now it’s the trainer with Mewtwotwo,” Mark thought. “Better be careful this time.”

But the trainer wasn’t there. Mark went to the door and saw a note saying “Went to get another Mewtwo. Challengers, please go through, it’s not locked.” Mark thought of how the Mewtwo had teleported away. And the trainer had said “the last one also did”. How many Mewtwos could be lurking around, waiting to take over the world? Mark tried not to think about it and went through.


May’s team

Butterfree – Psychic, Giga drain, Sleep powder, Whirlwind – Super effective on Poison, Fighting, Ghost, Water, Rock, Ground

Skarmory – Drill peck, Swagger, Steel wing, Whirlwind – Super effective on Grass, Bug, Fighting, Rock, Ice

Typhlosion – Fire blast, Thunderpunch, Roar, Earthquake – Super effective on Grass, Bug, Steel, Ice, Water, Flying, Electric, Rock, Fire, Poison

Tyranitar – Dynamicpunch, Earthquake, Crunch, Outrage – Super effective on Electric, Fire, Rock, Poison, Steel, Flying, Bug, Ice, Psychic, Ghost

Lapras – Surf, Ice beam, Rest, Thunderbolt – Super effective on Fire, Water, Grass, Ground, Rock, Bug, Flying, Dragon

Raichu – Thunderbolt, Agility, Reversal, Endure – Super effective on Normal, Water, Ice, Rock, Flying, Dark, Steel


Normal **

Fire ***

Water ****

Electric **

Grass ***

Ice ****

Fighting **

Poison **

Ground **

Rock ******

Bug ***

Flying ***

Psychic *

Ghost **

Dragon **

Dark **

Steel ***


Mark’s team

Charizard – Fire blast, Wing attack, Swords dance, Earthquake – Super effective on Grass, Ice, Steel, Fighting, Bug, Rock, Electric, Poison, Fire

Dragonite – Outrage, Thunderbolt, Fly, Fire blast – Super effective on Dragon, Grass, Bug, Ice, Steel, Fighting, Water, Flying

Gyarados – Icy wind, Flail, Surf, Endure – Super effective on Dragon, Grass, Bug, Flying, Ground, Rock, Fire

Jolteon – Thunderbolt, Thunder wave, Shadow ball, Reflect – Super effective on Flying, Water, Psychic, Ghost

Sandslash – Earthquake, Swords dance, Rock slide, Submission – Super effective on Fire, Poison, Electric, Rock, Steel, Ice, Flying, Bug, Normal, Dark

Freezer – Horn drill, Wing attack, Mist, Blizzard – Super effective on Grass, Bug, Fighting, Rock, Ground, Flying, Dragon


Normal *

Fire ***

Water **

Electric **

Grass ****

Ice ***

Fighting ***

Poison **

Ground **

Rock ****

Bug *****

Flying *****

Psychic *

Ghost *

Dragon ***

Dark *

Steel ***






Cleanwater city Gym – Leader: Rick, Level 7-15 (first) 5 jr element badge

Jr 1:

Arcanine Lv. 10

Articuno Lv. 7

Zapdos Lv. 7

Moltres Lv. 7

Jr 2:

Raikou Lv. 8

Entei Lv. 8

Suicune Lv. 8

Jr. 3:

Mew Lv. 9

Mewtwo Lv. 8

Mewtwotwo Lv. 7

Jr. 4:

Ho-oh Lv. 9

Lugia Lv. 9

Jr. 5:

Celebi Lv. 14


Ho-oh Lv. 12

Celebi Lv. 12

Articuno Lv. 13

Mew Lv. 13

Raikou Lv. 12

Suicune Lv. 12


Metal city Gym – Leader: Cristopher, Level 15-20 (second) shining badge


Steelix Lv. 15

Scizor Lv. 18

Skarmory Lv. 20


Scorpion city Gym – Leader: Mitch, Level 21-24 (third) venom badge


Ariados Lv. 21

Beedrill Lv. 23

Scorplack Lv. 24


Aqua town Gym – Leader: Marge, Level 25-30 (fourth) 2 jr get over water surf badge

Jr 1:

Azumarill Lv. 25

Quagsire Lv. 25

Jr 2:

Politoed Lv. 25

Vaporeon Lv. 26

Gyarados Lv. 27


Starmie Lv. 28

Lapras Lv. 29

Feraligatr Lv. 30


Green town Gym – Leader: Flora, Level 30-36 (fifth) 1 jr leaf badge

Jr 1:

Tangela Lv. 30

Sunflora Lv. 31

Jumpluff Lv. 32


Victreebel Lv. 33

Vileplume Lv. 33

Bellossom Lv. 34

Meganium Lv. 35

Venusaur Lv. 36


Thunder town Gym – Leader: Sparky, Level 38-44 (sixth) 4 jr light badge

Jr 1:

Magneton Lv. 38

Jr 2:

Electrode Lv. 39

Jr 3:

Magneton Lv. 40

Jr 4:

Lanturn Lv. 41


Ampharos Lv. 42

Raichu Lv. 43

Jolteon Lv. 43

Electabuzz Lv. 44


Volcano city Gym – Leader: Carl “Fireball”, Level 48-52 inside a volcano lava badge


Magcargo Lv. 48

Ninetales Lv. 49

Arcanine Lv. 50

Typhlosion Lv. 51

Charizard Lv. 51

Flareon Lv. 52



Acaria city Gym – Leader: Dianne Level 52-55 trapdoors dark darkness badge


Murkrow Lv. 52

Umbreon Lv. 52

Houndoom Lv. 53

Sneasel Lv. 54

Tyranitar Lv. 55