Two shiny sapphire-blue eyes open weakly. They reflect the eerily orange clouds high above.

The eyes blink slowly as if trying to comprehend the cause of this. A roar of thunder sounds with a bright flash of lightning.

Two small paws feel the damp soil and are slowly raised into the owner’s line of vision. Their fine pale pink fur is stained with red.

Another curious blink as the creature tilts its head slightly. Then, as in realization, its pupils widen with fear. It quickly gets up on its large hind legs and looks around at the horror that surrounds it.

Dead and dying humans are sprawled on the ground with expressions of terror frozen on their faces. Pokémon lie blood-stained in front of their trainers’ bodies, having died in their feeble attempts to protect the humans they had sworn loyalty to.

And right next to the creature lies a large, somewhat humanoid Pokémon, its leathery gray skin bruised and its powerful violet tail covered with slashes.

The creature looks sadly at the stab wound through the Pokémon’s heart and then up to its limp, catlike head. A blank expression crosses its face as it observes the facial features.

All of a sudden, the creature’s triangular ears perk up as its eyes scan the area carefully. Ignoring the horror all around, it locks its gaze onto an area close by. It takes silent, wingless flight, using its thin tail for balance, and arrives next to the spot it was examining.

The creature hangs its head mournfully to the remains of a black pardus-like Pokémon’s head. Wavy markings and spikes on its sides glow with a bright alien green color through the crust of dried blood; its right eye has been torn apart while the left is missing.

The green glow of the head’s markings fades into a sapphire blue color, similar to that of the pink creature’s eyes.

Is this… is it my work?

The lifeless town knows no answer.